Things To Do After Signing Up for Your GoHenry Card (Before the Card Arrives)

Things To Do After Signing Up for Your GoHenry Card (Before the Card Arrives)

If you’ve finished signing up for your GoHenry debit card for kids, welcome! After signing up, your card will arrive in about 1-2 weeks. There are several ways to get started with your GoHenry account while you wait for your kids debit card to arrive. Get ready to teach your child smart money habits and start building your child’s financial education today with the tips below.


Things parents can do to prepare for a debit card for kids

1. Fund your kid’s debit card account 

Before your card comes in the mail, you can get your child’s account squared away by adding funds to your kid’s debit card. Add funds before the card comes, so your kid can activate their card and go.

2. Set up weekly allowance and/or tasks

Consider setting up a weekly allowance or tasks, so your kid can get started earning money before the card arrives. If you plan out chores and tasks ahead of time, your child can earn funds and get ready to use their card when it comes in. Kids can work through their chores list or tasks through the app.

3. Add a co-parent 

You can also add a co-parent to your kid’s debit card account beforehand. Add co-parents and relatives before your card arrives for an easy and seamless start to using a debit card for kids.

Things to do with your child to prepare for their kids debit card

1. Get ready to shop

Get your child excited about their kids debit card by planning how they’ll use their new spending power to shop. Have conversations about smart ways to spend and what toys or games they’re excited to buy. Bigger ticket items are a great way to introduce saving money, too.

2. Start a savings goal and weekly autosave

As you talk to kids about spending and saving, encourage them to set their first savings goals. Use a weekly autosave to transfer funds to their savings goal automatically. You can help your child start practicing good savings habits before they begin spending.

3. Encourage giving 

If you’re interested in creating opportunities for your kids to practice generosity with their money, you can check out the giving opportunity. Set up a weekly donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America or talk to kids about ways they can use their money for charity.

4. Start teaching financial education

Check out the app with your child and include them in the setup process. Parents can make sure kids are properly set to use their account and learn from Money Missions to build their financial education.



Begin your child’s financial education with GoHenry’s in-app Money Missions to teach money skills they’ll need to use their debit card for kids wisely.


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Written by GoHenry Published Jun 24, 2022 ● 3 min. read