Things To Do After Your Card Arrives

Things To Do After Your Card Arrives

Did you receive your kid’s GoHenry debit card in the mail? You’re ready to activate your card and start building your child’s smart money habits. Use the tips below to get the most out of your kids debit card and GoHenry account. You’ll set an excellent foundation for your child to grow their financial education and learn new money skills.

1. Activate your kid’s debit card and get their PIN

After your card arrives, activate your debit card for kids. To activate, log into your GoHenry account on the website or mobile app, select “Activate” next to your child’s name, and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll need the last four digits of your kid's debit card number to complete activation. After you’ve finished the process, your kid’s username, password, and PIN will be displayed on your screen.


PINs only appear on the screen for 5 seconds, so keep a pen handy! You can always retrieve your child’s PIN at any time by logging into your account, selecting “Cards,” and then “PIN.”



2. Add funds to your debit card for kids

Add funds to your kid’s debit card on the website or app, so it’s ready for your child to swipe and use. Parents will need to connect their card when adding funds for the first time. Once your card is connected, easily add funds to your kid’s account from anywhere in real-time.

3. Swipe the card and set up tap to pay

After your child’s card is activated and you’ve added funds to the account, it’s time to teach kids how to swipe their card, use their pin, and set up tap to pay. Walk your child through the process of using their card in a store by swiping or using tap to pay. Make sure they know how to correctly enter their PIN during checkout.

Finish your account setup 

1. Set up allowance and tasks

As you finish setting up your debit card for kids, set any chores or tasks for kids to complete through the app. Parents can create an allowance, help kids set savings goals, and get kids involved in charitable giving.

2. Create a Giftlink and add a Relative

Consider creating a Giftlink for your kid, so they can receive money from friends and family in their kids debit card accounts for gifts, birthdays, milestone moments, and more. Or add family and friends as a GoHenry Relative, and they'll be all set to send money to your child whenever they choose.

3. Download the app and start your financial education

Make sure your child has the GoHenry app downloaded and knows how to access the suite of Money Missions. Families with younger kids can download the app on a shared family device like an iPad. Kids can begin learning important money skills like saving, budgeting, and smart spending. As their financial education grows, they can practice new money skills using their debit card for kids. 

Still, waiting for your card to arrive? Get ready by reading about how to add funds to your GoHenry kid’s debit card.
Written by GoHenry Published Jun 24, 2022 ● 3 min. read