Apple Pay is here

You wanted it, you got it. Add your gohenry card to Apple Pay to make fast, secure payments with the Apple devices you use every day. For UK members aged 13 or older.

Pay with a tap, no card required

Enjoy easy contactless payments without cards or spending limits. Just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch wherever you see the contactless logo or Apple Pay mark in shops or public transport, or quickly pay online or in-app.

The safer way to pay

No need to touch a payment terminal or handle cash. Enjoy touch-free payments without the usual contactless spending limits or the need to use Chip & PIN every now and then.

get started

Log into your gohenry app

Go to Cards

Get started with Apple Pay

Don’t see the prompt? See if your device supports Apple Pay. Or, just open your Apple Wallet and tap the + sign.

a few faqs

How do I add my gohenry card to Apple Pay?

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If you’re aged 13 or older and have a gohenry account, you’ll be shown how to add your card to Apple Pay the next time you log into the app. You can also add your card from the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Learn how to add a card on your device.

Will it work on my device?

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Apple Pay works on most recent models of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. See if your device supports Apple Pay.

How much can I spend with Apple Pay?

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As much as you want, as long as it’s within the transaction or weekly limits on your gohenry card. Apple Pay lets you enjoy the ease of contactless payment without the £100 cap, although some shops may apply their own limits. There’s no limit when you use Apple Pay in-app or online.

Can I pay in-app?

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Absolutely. Just select Apple Pay at checkout.

Will it work abroad?

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Yes! Both your gohenry card and Apple Pay will work anywhere that accepts contactless payments, from transport to shops to cafes. Just look for the Apple Pay or contactless symbols.

Is Apple Pay safe?

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Very. Instead of your real card number, Apple Pay generates a unique code to represent your card, which it encrypts and stores securely on your device. That means no one has access to your card number—not even the shops where you use it.

What if I lose my device?

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Not under the sofa, is it? Right then, don’t panic. Your gohenry information is stored securely in Apple Pay, so don’t have to worry about someone using your card. If it doesn’t turn up, use Find My iPhone to locate, lock or erase your device.

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