A prepaid debit card to support kids' and teens' independence

Created just for kids and teens, GoHenry prepaid debit cards offer flexible parental boundaries and tons of ways to help kids learn.

Choose from 45+ designs and customise your card, too.





All the tools you need to structure their financial learning

Safer than cash

Parents can easily block the card if it's lost or stolen, and GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories.

Customisable boundaries

Parents decide where and how much kids can spend.

Contactless payments

Kids can tap to pay while on-the-go—just look for the icon at the register.

Apple Pay

Add your GoHenry card to Apple Pay – the fast and secure way to tap and pay in an instant.

Chip & PIN-protected transactions

Chip cards add an additional layer of security wherever kids use their card—and they can always safely find their PIN in the app.

More features in the app

Companion apps for kids, parents and teens make the card even smarter.

Join for free & start learning instantly

Prepaid debit card + app + Money Missions

30 days free, then £2.99/month

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