A debit card your kids & teens can personalise

Give your kids and teens financial independence with the GoHenry debit card—perfect for kids aged 6-18. You'll get total peace of mind with flexible spending limits, and notifications whenever they make a purchase.

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Why choose a debit card for kids?

Why choose a prepaid debit card for kids

From participating in the digital economy to making their first budget, there are a lot of reasons why parents choose GoHenry as their kids' debit card. With allowance on repeat, chores in the app and flexible parental controls, GoHenry allows millions of parents, kids and teens to manage money responsibly—together. Plus, a kids' debit card offers even more benefits:

Learn to budget

Debit cards can help kids and teens learn how to budget and manage their money. This is a valuable life skill that will help them in the future.

Spend wisely

There's no overdraft! One of the best things about debit cards is that there is no chance of your child spending money they don't have. So they'll learn first-hand that when it's gone, it's gone.

Build healthy habits

Learning about money goes way beyond guessing the coins in the classroom. Debit cards can help kids and teens learn about financial responsibility and develop healthy spending habits. By being careful with their money over time—and maybe making a few mistakes along the way—they'll gain valuable life skills that can help them in the future.

Shop safely

Kids can link their GoHenry cards to a gaming console, add their favourite trainers to their basket and check out with their own debit card online—and shop in-store, too. A kids' debit card lets them make online purchases safely, and parents can decide where and how much they can spend. Plus, GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories, so parents get peace of mind. Their transactions are chip-and-PIN protected.

Be curious, get answers

Whether they're asking about credit cards or crypto, they'll learn tons of money topics with in-app Money Missions. On top of that, they'll be earning, spending, saving and managing their own money for the first time, so get ready to talk budgets at the dinner table.

Why choose a prepaid debit card for kids

GoHenry debit card for kids FAQs

GoHenry prepaid debit card faq's

What is GoHenry?

GoHenry is a debit card for kids and teens. It’s just like a kids bank card—only we’re not a bank, but a financial technology company. Our mission is to make every kid smart with money by giving them real money tools to learn by doing, and in-app learning tools too.

What do kids get with GoHenry?

They’ll enjoy their very own kids' debit card, plus gain points & badges in the app when they learn a new skill. Of all the children's bank cards to choose from, you’ll get so much more out of GoHenry. It’s a kids’ prepaid debit card, so they’ll never risk overdraft and can spend responsibly. So if you’re looking for a prepaid card for kids, you found it!

What do parents get with GoHenry?

When choosing a debit card for children, you’ll find GoHenry offers tons more for parents, too. Organise their pocket money with the simplest card and pocket money manager app right at your fingertips. The financial literacy revolution is here, and this kids’ card delivers.

How do I choose a GoHenry card?

You can choose from more than 45+ designs to reflect your kids' unique personality. A children's debit card with their name? Oh, yeah! Say hello to GoHenry and get your first month free when you try one of our debit cards for kids.

At what age can a child get a debit card?

Children as young as six can get a GoHenry debit card. This allows parents to instil good money habits from an early age.

How much is a GoHenry debit card for kids?

There are no hidden fees with GoHenry. You will only be charged the monthly fee, which is currently £2.99 per month. This gives you access to all of the features of GoHenry, including the children's prepaid debit card, paid tasks, parental controls, and more.

Where can you use GoHenry cards?

A GoHenry card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. This includes online, in stores, and at ATMs. For your peace of mind, GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories–this prevents children from spending at a retailer that has classified itself as selling goods or services for adults (such as alcohol). If this happens, you will receive an alert informing you that the transaction has not been allowed.

What age is GoHenry for?

GoHenry is for kids aged 6-18. This is because it is a great way for them to learn about budgeting and managing their money. Plus, it also helps them develop healthy budgeting habits that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, the age at which a child should get a GoHenry card is up to the parent's discretion.

GoHenry prepaid debit card faq's