Full transparency with your parent app

Let your child take the lead, with total peace of mind. Real-time notifications and in-app parental controls let you set spending limits and you can choose where their card is used, too.

Take a back seat—with a clear view

Set your preferences in the GoHenry app, then sit back as your kids learn by doing. Don’t worry, you can adjust the settings whenever you want.

Parent-app features:

Real-time spending notifications

Straight to your phone so that you know when, where, and how much your kids spend

Adjustable spending limits

Set weekly and single spend limits and choose where they can use their card

Savings on lock

Easily lock and unlock your child’s savings goals in-app

Instant transfers

Send money straight to your child’s card in an instant

Card declined alerts

You’ll receive an alert if the card is ever declined, keeping you in the loop

Merchant block

Use your app to block transactions at stores that sell age-restricted items

Block cards in-app

You can instantly block lost or stolen cards—then unblock them if found

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Set your child up to learn about money, safely

  • Zero Liability Policy by Visa
  • Risk-free protection for your money
  • Access your app with a code, or fingertip and facial recognition
  • Chip and PIN-protected transactions
  • Secure in-app PIN recovery
  • Bank-level encryption
  • Free card replacement

Teach them money safety tips with in-app Money Missions


From scams to insurance, kids can learn all about keeping money safe with in-app videos and quizzes.

Frequently asked questions

What if my child loses their debit card?

No need to panic. You or your child can instantly block lost or stolen cards in the GoHenry app. The card can then be unblocked if found.

If you can’t find the card, then just head to your app and reorder a replacement card with the same design for free.

How will I know if my child has used their card?

The GoHenry parent app gives you total transparency for your peace of mind.

Real-time notifications show you exactly when and where your child’s card is used and how much they spent. You’ll also be notified if the card is ever declined.

Are there any restrictions on my child’s debit card?

GoHenry debit cards are made with your child’s safety in mind, so we've put some restrictions in place to keep them (and their money!) safe.

Using merchant-provided data, the following categories are automatically blocked:

  • Gambling/betting (casinos, betting shops, betting websites)
  • Dating websites and dating/escort services
  • Inbound teleservices
  • Tobacconists
  • Pornography (adult entertainment venues, websites and TV channels)

You can also turn on the strict merchant block in-app. This stops transactions at any restaurants, bars or convenience stores that sell age-restricted items like alcohol. No items can be bought from these places when Smart Spending is on, even those without age restrictions.

Please note that the strict merchant block is turned OFF by default at sign-up.

What if my child forgets their PIN?

Don’t worry, you or your child can easily retrieve a forgotten card PIN.

To retrieve the PIN as a parent:

  • Log in to your parent account
  • Click on your child's name
  • Click the Card icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click 'PIN' and enter your GoHenry password
  • Their PIN will appear on screen for approximately 5 seconds

To retrieve the PIN as a child:

  • Log in to the app
  • Click ‘Money’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Click ‘Card’ then click ‘PIN’ under the image of the card
  • Enter their child password and the PIN will appear on screen

You can also change your child’s PIN to something more memorable. You can also change your child’s PIN to something more memorable. Simply take the card to a cash machine and select 'Card Services' then 'Change PIN'.

Your child should then enter their current PIN before choosing a new one.

What can I see in my parent app?

GoHenry is designed to help your kids gain financial independence, while giving you complete transparency into their account, just in case.

Using your parent app, you can see all of your child’s money activity, including earning, saving, and spending. You also have access to flexible parental controls such as setting spending limits and locking savings goals.

Special occasion? Use your app to create a Giftlink, allowing family and friends to send money straight to your child’s account.

You can also open a Junior ISA for your child, investing from as little as £1.