Find your freedom with a debit card for teens

Money gets a glow-up with the GoHenry debit card and app made just for teens. Spend, save, earn, send money to friends—and more.

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Ask a parent or guardian to sign you up


The teen debit card & app that grows at your pace


GoHenry has all the tools you need to feel safe and secure as you learn about money. Tap to purchase with Apple Pay (13+), have wages paid straight to your account with BACS payments, securely spend online and take your pick from our exclusive range of teen debit card designs.

Why choose a GoHenry teen debit card?

The GoHenry debit card for teens gives you the independence you need. Pay, get paid, save, budget, shop, and learn the skills that will help you now—and in the future. Plus, your parents are by your side whenever you need them to help navigate the world of money.

Pay with friends

Split the bill! Request or send money with friends on GoHenry anytime.

Savings, stashed

Set savings goals and those new kicks, the latest Xbox game or your next epic holiday will be within reach soon!

Ready for your side hustle

Got a part-time job? Have wages paid straight to your account using BACS.

Your money sidekick

Add your card to Apple Pay for fast and secure payments on the go.

Request money, get paid

Get paid in person with QR codes—even if that person doesn’t use GoHenry.

Free to pay away

Head on your travels knowing you can make fee-free transactions abroad. Sweet!

Map your spending

Keep on top of your spending habits by tracking your cash-flow in-app.

Your account, your rules

Grow your financial independence with your own account and features just for teens.

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A teen debit card that’s got your back

  • Zero Liability Policy by Visa
  • Prepaid ‘top-up’ card with no risk of debt or overdraft
  • Real-time spending notifications
  • GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Chip and PIN-protected transactions
  • Secure PIN recovery in the app
  • Bank-level encryption
  • Reliable card replacement
  • Easily block and unblock cards

Benefits of a teen debit card for parents

If you’re a parent looking to help your teens learn valuable money skills, a GoHenry debit card for teens is a smart option. It has all the tools you need to support your teen as they learn about money.

Send money

Set automatic pocket money payments and transfer money in an instant.

Stay in the know

Real-time notifications tell you when and where teens spend.

Set their limits

Parent controls like spending limits give you peace of mind.

Get the whole fam involved

Family and friends can send money straight to your teens' card or contribute to savings goals with Giftlinks.


What makes a teen debit card different to a regular bank card or credit card?

The GoHenry debit card for teens is not tied to a bank account— you are only spending money you have (because it’s already loaded onto your card).

Unlike teen credit cards, there’s no risk of damaging your credit score or going into debt. It’s simple—the money you have on your card is the money you can spend or save.


How to get started with GoHenry

Ready to give GoHenry a try? You’ll need a parent or guardian to help you.
Here’s the steps they need to follow:


Parents, sign up for your 1-month free trial online


Download the app—teens can log in & start learning through Money Missions instantly


Parents can log in & set up pocket money, tasks and top up their teen’s card right away


Your card will arrive in the post within 5-7 days—don’t forget to activate it so your teen can make their first purchase!

Parents, sign up here

Sign up for a free trial and get access to all GoHenry features free for 30 days. After your free trial, your monthly fee will start at £3.99 per month, per child.

Frequently asked questions


At what age can a teen get a prepaid debit card?The GoHenry teen debit card is available for children aged 6 to 18. Teens just need their parent or guardian to sign them up to get their GoHenry debit card.


How much is a GoHenry debit card for teens?The GoHenry debit card costs £3.99 per month per teen. The first 30 days are free, then the monthly fee will be charged, unless your parents cancel. Included in the monthly fee is once monthly parent top-up—any further money transfers cost 50p per transfer.


Where can you use a GoHenry teen debit card?The GoHenry debit card for teens can be used anywhere that accepts debit card payments and other types of contactless payments, such as Apple Pay (13+). This includes shops, online stores, and ATMs. Our safe spending controls automatically block purchases from ‘over 18’ merchants. Read more about our unsafe spending categories here.


What happens when a teen turns 18? Can they still use their GoHenry teen debit card?After you turn 18, you can keep using your existing GoHenry card until it expires. Once this has happened, your parent or guardian will need to contact GoHenry to cancel the account, so that they don’t get charged any membership fees. You won’t be able to get a new card after your 18th birthday.


Can the GoHenry debit card for teens be used abroad?You can use your GoHenry card fee-free when you head abroad. This is because GoHenry doesn't charge commission or ATM withdrawal fees (although some ATMs charge their own fee). Don’t forget to pay in local currency instead of GPB to avoid extra fees!


Can a teen withdraw cash using their prepaid debit card?You can withdraw cash three times per day with your GoHenry card, up to a total withdrawal limit of £120. If your parent or guardian wants to make the withdrawal limit lower, they can do this in their parent app.


Can under-18s get a contactless prepaid card? Once you’ve used Chip & PIN for your first transaction, you can use your GoHenry prepaid debit card to make contactless payments of £100 or less in most shops. Plus, go card-free with Apple Pay!

Just add your card via your Apple Pay wallet on your phone or your GoHenry app.


How can a debit card for teens help with financial literacy?With your own debit card, you can track your cash-flow, learning money management skills like budgeting, saving and smart spending. Plus, the GoHenry 13+ account has loads of teen-exclusive features, for even more financial independence.