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Meet our new cards: designed for gohenry by Lucie Corbasson

The team at gohenry are excited to unveil the newest additions to our custom card collection. Co-created with up-and-coming illustrator Lucie Corbasson, the range is wild, vibrant and fun. Although you can’t tell at first glance, each individual card is also part of a much bigger picture.

Originally hailing from Compiègne, France, Lucie now lives as an artist in Brighton. Her creations are imaginative, full of colour and a very cool mix of the everyday and the surreal. We were originally attracted to Lucie's style because her art perfectly embodies our own ethos at gohenry: curious, playful and confident.

Lucie agreed to create an artwork exploring the theme “The World Outside Your Window”, bringing our cards to life through designs, textures or patterns handpicked from within the artwork itself.

The process

Lucie kicked off the creation thinking about the setting.

“I chose to draw a bedroom because it's the first private space you get as a young person. It is a space where you are figuring out the person you want to be. It's also a space where you are dreaming: about the future and the famous “what's next?”

With a concept on lock, Lucie then moved to the kind of people she would draw.

“Most of my inspiration is from the people I see in the streets. I try to sketch them quickly and if I have no time, I write down the details that intrigue me. And I’m surrounded by teenagers with their own styles and trends. When I started this artwork I was alternating: one with a boy, one with a girl… in the end I did both. There is no gender: it’s just about thinking and dreaming about your own future.”

Lucie then began cementing all her ideas on paper. She experimented with how the room would look, undertaking quick explorations with pencils, pens and a symphony of different colours. Once she had the room and overall mood decided, Lucie began reconstructing it on her tablet.

“I wanted the city outside the window to be something intriguing, with crazy elements and weird features. Something not quite real, but which maybe could be in the future. This city is a place you want to discover, and also aspirational: you can dream big, expect better horizons.

After a little retouching, voila: the pièce de résistance.

“For me this artwork represents the idea you should imagine and create a bright future. Dream of travelling and seeing the world; of your career. Just like in the picture, the world outside your window is really exciting.”

It was from there that our final card designs were selected. Created from patterns that appear throughout the room, we think they’re the perfect complement to Lucie’s amazing artwork.

“I’m so proud of all of them. I like the fact that they’re all really different and they don’t have the same feeling. The lava card is funky; the wild card is more mysterious; and the cross card is a bit more refined I would say.”

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Getting my son Max this has been one of the best presents ever. He's learned to be independent, manage his allowances and appreciate how much things cost.

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