A lifetime of financial learning starts here

Get all the tools to nurture financially healthy kids—a prepaid debit card, app, and built-in Money Missions. Kids learn in the app and by using their card, and you get peace of mind with features created for families.

financial learning with GoHenry

The smart app that grows with your kids

Guide, motivate and encourage kids and teens with app experiences tailored to their age.

Plus, parents have a companion app, too. You can track progress, set flexible boundaries and goals, and get real-time spend notifications.

Parent companion app
Accelerate learning with in-app Money Missions
Accelerate learning with in-app Money Missions

Accelerate their learning with in-app Money Missions

Kids learn skills through videos, quizzes and more in the app. As they unlock each mission, they'll make their way through national financial education guidelines—earning points and badges as they go.

Choose from 45+ designs and customise your card

Why parents love GoHenry

Why parents love GoHenry

Co-parent dream team

Add a co-parent to your account to set boundaries, receive notifications and manage chores together.

Pocket money on repeat

Easily set up weekly allowance transfers—then check it off your to-do list for good.

Tap, tap, chores

Set tasks and kids get paid when it's done. Cha-ching!

Saving money = so worth it

Parents and kids can set savings goals in the app, track their savings and work together to plan for future purchases.

Need-it-now? Instant money transfers

Instantly send money to your child’s account—for school trips, lunch or just because.

Get real-time spend notifications

You’ll get updates whenever your child uses their card, and an alert if it's ever declined. Total peace of mind.

Easily block & unblock the card

You’ll always have their back if the card is lost or stolen. Just block it in your parent app—then unblock if it’s found again.

Stay on track

Parents can easily monitor spending, track purchases and get notified when kids use their card.

Set spending controls

Decide where and how much kids can spend, and use your parent app to easily add or change the settings.

Set up BACS payments

Payday, hooray! Teens with jobs can get their wages straight to their GoHenry account using BACS payments.

Split the bill

Teens can settle up, grab lunch with friends, and more. It’s easy to send & receive payments in the app.

Give to charity

We have partnered with the NSPCC to introduce young people to the idea of charitable donation and help them learn the value of helping others.

Relatives & friends can gift money directly to the child’s card

With Giftlinks, family and friends can send money straight to your child’s GoHenry card—for birthdays and celebrations or just because. Each link is totally secure, free of charge and gifters can add their own personal message. Kids can decide whether to spend it or save up for something special, then write thank-you messages straight from the GoHenry app.

Apple Pay

Add your GoHenry card to Apple Pay so you can tap and pay in an instant.

Refer a friend & get rewarded

Love GoHenry? Share it with a friend and you’ll both get £20 on your account! Click here for details.

Why parents love GoHenry
Your kids learn independance

Designed for kids in partnership with

Your kids learn independence, you get peace of mind

  • Pre-paid 'top-up' card, so there's no risk of debt or overdraft
  • Real-time spending notifications
  • GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Chip and PIN-protected transactions
  • Secure PIN recovery in the app
  • Bank-level encryption
  • Reliable card replacement
  • Easily block and unblock cards

Designed for kids in partnership with