Why GoHenry is
right for your teens

Whether your kids start using GoHenry at six or sixteen, the app evolves with them to suit their needs as they grow. Since teens have their own needs, there's an account and prepaid debit card just for them.

Nurture a healthy attitude towards money

Pay. Get paid. Save. Shop. Budget. Give. Learn. Teens can learn to save, balance a budget, pick up good spending habits, and prepare for a healthier financial life as an adult.

Teach your teen healthier spending habits
Get more money confidence with GoHenry
Get more money confidence with GoHenry

92% of parents say their teens are more money confident, thanks to GoHenry

Girl with money skills

Tap, tap, money skills

  1. Set savings goals and let teens learn to earn their own money
  2. Have wages paid into their account from their first payday, onwards
  3. Learn faster with an app + Money Missions to help them boost their money skills
  4. Pay in an instant with Apple Pay® and contactless debit cards
  5. Send and request money between family and friends with parental oversight
  6. Use the prepaid debit card while traveling abroad with no foreign transaction fees
Smart spending habits

Stay on track

  1. Help them learn about money through their own experience in a safe, secure way and teach them smart spending habits
  2. Set flexible parental controls and receive real-time spending alerts
  3. Add money to your teen’s account with a recurring allowance
  4. Transfer money instantly so they’re always covered
  5. As a pre-paid 'top-up' card, there's no risk of debt or overdraft