Set them up for success

The kids' savings account with interest

Your child can use their GoHenry account to set savings goals, helping to create savings habits that last a lifetime.

Plus and Max members can also boost their savings with 4.50% AER (variable) interest.

Interest options at a glance

Activate your child’s 4.50% AER interest savings account, set up parent-paid interest—or both.

Exclusive to Plus and Max

Earn 4.50% AER interest*

  • Activate your child's interest savings account in-app in just one step
  • Interest will be paid daily to your child's interest savings account
  • The rate is variable
  • Your child has easy access to their savings
All GoHenry memberships

Parent-paid interest

  • Pay interest from your parent account
  • Interest is paid on all savings goals
  • Set your own interest rate and adjust it anytime
  • Your child can instantly withdraw savings anytime

Help their savings go further

See what your child could earn when you activate 4.50% AER (variable) interest on savings:

savings amount
after 12 months
after 24 months
after 36 months
£60 4.50% £62.70 (+£2.70) £65.52 (+£5.52) £68.47 (+£8.47)
£120 4.50% £125.40 (+£5.40) £131.04 (+£11.04) £136.94 (+£16.94)
Initial savings amount £60 £120
Interest rate 4.50% 4.50%
Balance after 12 months £62.70 (+£2.70) £125.40 (+£5.40)
Balance after 24 months £65.52 (+£5.52) £131.04 (+£11.04)
Balance after 36 months £68.47 (+£8.47) £136.94 (+£16.94)

This is an estimation based on no further deposits or withdrawals. The exact calculation may differ and does not take into account your personal circumstances or change in interest rate.

Start saving today


Open your child’s GoHenry account—get one month free on us!


Add money to your child’s account. Friends and family can send money too


Your child can set up savings goals in-app and move money from their card into these goals


Set up parent-paid interest on savings goals and if you’re a Plus or Max member you can activate interest savings too!

Invest in your child's future with a GoHenry Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

Invest in your child’s future

Invest in your child's future with a GoHenry Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

As a GoHenry member, you can open a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA for your child. Invest from just £1 and manage their funds with daily updates.

Capital at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up.

Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change. No fees apply to contributions. Fund fees apply. Junior ISA rules and terms and conditions apply.

Our Junior ISA investment service is provided by GoHenry Family Finance Limited which is an Appointed Representative of Resolution Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 574048).

Frequently asked questions

Can the 4.50% interest rate change?

Yes, the 4.50% AER interest rate is variable so it can go up or down. If the rate goes down, GoHenry will email you 14 days beforehand at the email address connected to your account.

How do I open and manage my account?

You can open your child’s GoHenry account here, and manage everything through your parent app. Remember, to activate interest savings you’ll need a Plus or Max membership—you can upgrade at any time in-app.

Can my child withdraw money?

Your child can withdraw money from their savings at any time. If you want to remove the temptation you can lock a savings goal using your parent app. Your child can only withdraw money from their Junior ISA once they turn 18.

How do kids and teens set saving goals within the GoHenry app?

GoHenry encourages kids and teens to easily create in-app savings goals, helping to make saving a habit. Using their app, kids can:

  • Name their new goal
  • Choose an image for their goal
  • Set a target amount (if they have one)
  • Add a target date (if they have one)
  • Turn on an optional weekly autosave

Is there a limit to how much my child can spend on their card?

GoHenry has a default spend limit of £60 per week and £30 per single spend, but you can set your own limits when you activate your child’s card. Limits can be changed anytime in your parent app, up to a maximum daily spend limit of £4,000.

Can I lock my child’s savings?

You can lock any of your child’s savings goals in your GoHenry app. This prevents them from withdrawing any money from it unless you choose to unlock it, helping them to create a habit of saving without any temptation.

What is the parent-paid interest rate?

With GoHenry you can set up parent-paid interest on your child’s account.

Simply set your chosen interest rate in the parent app, and they’ll get paid interest on their savings once per month—the more they save, the more they’ll earn.

Plus and Max members can also earn 4.50% AER (variable) interest when they activate their child’s interest savings account.

How can I turn on parent-paid interest in the app?

To turn on parent-paid interest:

  • Log in to the GoHenry parent account
  • Open the ‘Money’ tab and select ‘Savings’
  • Use the interest calculator to decide the rate you want to set. It will show you how much you might pay each month according to a daily calculation.
  • You can adjust the rate in-app at any time

Find out how parent-paid interest is calculated here.