Summer Jobs for Kids

Summer Jobs for Kids

Summer is in full swing, and many teens are looking for ways to earn extra money over the school break. Whether your child is ready for their first job or wants to explore entrepreneurship, there are plenty of ways to encourage financial independence.

Summer work for family and friends

A great place for kids to start working and earning their own money is with family and friends. At home, they can work on extra chores or projects for cash. Teens can offer to do side work or help around the house. Easily pay kids and teens for their work with GoHenry’s Giftlinks, where they can manage their income using their debit card for kids. 


Some summer jobs for kids to consider include:

  • Yard work 
  • Pet care and dog walks
  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning and organizing spaces
  • Painting, yard sales, and other house projects

Teach your child how to become an entrepreneur

Working with family and friends can be a great way to teach kids how to become an entrepreneur. Teens can take their practiced skills and turn them into their own business. Encourage kids to start promoting their services or products to their network of family and friends. Your child can practice their entrepreneurial skills with:

  • Selling clothes and items you no longer use: Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Vinted, and other platforms make it easy to sell those items taking up space in your closets. Setting up listings, and managing inventory to sell these items can be a great way for kids to earn money. Whether they earn the full amount or a commission from helping you sell larger items, it’ll be a great learning experience.
  • Selling crafts or goods. Artistic kids can sell their art or projects. Teens who like creating their own products can use their skills to start a business
  • Services. Your teen can create a business with services like babysitting, pet sitting, yard work, photography, tutoring, car washing, or artwork. 

Kids of any age can learn how to promote their business in person with family and friends and within their community at events like a farmer's market. Social media can also be a fantastic way for your child to build a business from home. 

First summer jobs for teens

Many kids can benefit from experience in a more traditional summer job. Being in a work environment can help teens learn important life skills and how to work well with others. A steady paycheck can be deposited directly to your teen's GoHenry account, where they can practice managing their money with a debit card for kids. 


Traditional summer jobs for kids can include:

  • Retail stores. Many brick-and-mortar businesses hire seasonal employees and work with teens new to the workforce.
  • Restaurants. Your favorite local diner or coffee shop can also be a great first job for your teen.
  • Lifeguard. Teens learn valuable life-saving skills from lifeguard training as well as the chance to make money. It’s also in high demand this summer!
  • Community opportunities. Check out what your city and schools offer in programs, opportunities, and summer jobs for kids. 
  • Special interests. If your child is passionate about art or learning about cars, consider an entry-level job or opportunity to gain experience in a field they’re interested in.


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Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Jul 20, 2022 ● 3 min. read