Jobs for 8 year-olds to make money

Jobs for 8 year-olds to make money

Giving your kid jobs or chores can have a range of benefits - it teaches responsibility, helps them learn about finances, and of course, it stops them from getting bored over the weekend or on long school holidays.


It's important to make sure your child is doing age-appropriate tasks. This will prevent them from getting bored with chores that have become too easy, and encourage them to push themselves out of their comfort zone to try something new. If your child needs some encouragement, try looking at ways to make chores fun or other ways to get your kids to do chores


Jobs for 8 year-olds around the house


Chores can be a great way to teach your child about the work that goes into running a household. Start indoors, with skills that they'll likely need as an adult:


  • Setting and clearing the table – Most 8 year-olds can learn how to lay the table with cutlery, placemats, and condiments.
  • Cleaning the dishes – An 8 year old could help unload the dishwasher or wash plates and cutlery – though you might want to wash sharp utensils and glasses yourself.
  • Helping with laundry – Loading the washing machine, hanging out the damp clothes on an airer, and putting away clothes once they’re dry are nice jobs for kids.
  • Putting away groceries – Stacking tins in a cupboard or putting fruit in the fruit bowl are jobs that most 8 year-olds can handle.

Outdoor jobs for 8 year-olds


Outdoor jobs can be great to help keep your kid busy during the summer months, especially if it’s nice weather and they want to be outside anyway.


  • Raking – In the summer, you might want to get your child to rake moss and cut grass, while in the autumn you can get them to rake leaves. Make sure you have a rake small enough for your child to use.
  • Cleaning the car – This is usually a two-person job as your child probably won’t be able to reach the top, but they can help with cleaning the windows, vacuuming the seats, and dusting the dashboard.
  • Weeding – Most kids will delight in pulling out weeds. Just make sure they know which are weeds and which are plants! This is a great time to teach them about different types of plants as well.
  • Walking the dog – At 8, you probably won’t want your child to go out walking the dog by themselves. But, you could accompany them and make sure that both your kid and your dog have a fun and safe walk.

Other jobs for 8 year-olds


Of course, a lot of these household tasks are things that a lot of parents are already getting their kids to help with. It doesn’t have to stop there though, there are plenty of other ways for 8 year-olds to make some extra money:


  • Polishing shoes – As long as your child is careful and uses a non-harmful polish, you could get your child to polish leather school shoes. 
  • Prepare the shopping list – If you have your child helping out in the kitchen, they can probably spot when the sugar is running low or when you need more cooking oil, and put these things on a list.
  • Help younger siblings – While helping siblings can be a natural part of growing up, you could ask your 8 year-old to help your younger children tie their shoes or apply sun cream or other simple tasks.
  • Organising a space - Give your child a sense of autonomy by allowing them to tidy and organise a dedicated space in the house. This could be anything from their bedroom, their bookshelf, or the bathroom cabinet.

Make paying your 8 year-old for chores easy with GoHenry

Money is just one of the ways to reward your kids for doing chores. If you do want to pay your 8 year-old for chores, GoHenry has benefits that make rewarding kids easy. You can set paid tasks in the app, and kids get paid when it’s done. All you have to do is set the task and confirm when your child says it’s done. You can even give different jobs different values.


Giving your children jobs to do can help them learn about finances, and we can help with that and more lessons. Our in-app Money Missions are engaging lessons tailored to the age of your kids – including lessons about jobs & earning, as well as saving and budgeting – so if you pay your kids for jobs, they’ll know what to do with their earnings.



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