How to make money as a kid

How to make money as a kid

Your children don't have to wait until they turn 18 to start earning money. From the age of 13, they can get a part-time job to earn some cash outside of school. There are many easy ways that they can start making money, whether it's with an employer, online or from home. If they are keen to make money but not sure how to go about it, they can start thinking about what they like doing. Perhaps they have some skills that they could put to good use or start earning money from their hobbies. Need more inspiration? Check out our guide for some great ideas for how to make money fast as a kid.

Making money online as a kid

If your children like being online, there are several ways for kids to make money online. For instance:

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a fun way to make some cash. Once they figure out what they want to write about, they can start making money pretty fast from hosting display adverts, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Make sure they are careful what personal information they share online, and it’s wise to check their posts before they’re published.

Paid surveys

Some companies will pay kids to complete online surveys. They want to know their opinion on various topics, including food, TV shows, travel, clothing, and the brands they like. Some sites will want people to be over 18, but others want the opinions of a younger audience.

Start a YouTube channel

If your child is 13 or over and has parental permission, they could start their own YouTube channel. It's not a quick money maker, but when they've built up a following, they can start monetising their channel (once they are 18 unless the channel is set up in a parent's name).

Selling their skills

A fun way to earn some money online is by selling skills on Fiverr. If your kids are aged 13 or over, they can sell ‘gigs’ from the 200 categories of freelance services available on the site. For example, if they are good at graphic design, they could sell their services as a logo designer.

Other ventures include coaching people on how to play an online game, creating GIFs, or even recording voice overs.

How to make money gaming as a kid

Is your child an avid gamer? There are several ways to make money gaming as a kid. For instance:

Game reviews

If your child is aged 13 or over, they can post videos on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook of themselves playing video games and sharing game reviews, walkthroughs and tips. They can even stream their gaming live. They make money through advertising, brand sponsorships, subscriptions and viewer donations.


Tutoring other people to play games is a great way to earn money as a kid. If your child is good at gaming, they can help other people brush up their gaming skills by passing on their knowledge and skills.  


If kids think they are good enough at gaming, they could enter into gaming tournaments to earn cash prizes. These competitions have big sponsors, which can mean big prizes. But they need to keep in mind that they will be up against some amazing gamers.

Games tester

As video games testers, they can try out video games before they've even hit the shops. They will be paid to check for any glitches and ensure that the entire game is playing correctly.

Making money offline as a kid

If they want to make money as a kid but don't want it to be online, here's some good news. There are many great ways your children can make money without the internet.

Car washing

All they need to do is fill up a bucket of soapy water, grab some sponges and ask neighbours if they'd like to have their car cleaned for £5 (you can accompany them if they are knocking on neighbours' doors). They must make sure they do a thorough job if they want to be asked to do it again.

Selling old books, DVDs, clothes

Kids have probably got lots of old items in their bedroom and cupboards that they no longer use or wear. Check that you are happy for them to part with the items and then they can sell them at car boot sales or jumble sales, or you can sell the items for them via your eBay or Facebook Marketplace account.

Dog walking

If your kid is an animal lover, dog walking is a fun way to earn extra money. They can start by asking neighbours if they need help walking their dogs or drum up business by printing out some flyers with your mobile number.


If your child is responsible enough to look after younger children, they could ask your neighbours and family friends if they need a babysitter.

How to start a business as a kid

Your kids don't have to wait until they are adults before starting a business. There are many ‘kidprenuers’ who have successfully set up their own business. According to the latest GoHenry Youth Economy Report, 4% of young people already have their own business and 26% want to start their own business in the future. However, if they are under 18, they won't be able to set up a business bank account, raise finance or get credit. So, they will need you on board to help them. Here are a few helpful tips to starting your own business as a kid:

  • Come up with a service or product to sell: Askyour child to think about what they enjoy or what they are good at, and what they could do on the back of that interest or skill.
  • Create a business name: Every business needs a name, so encourage them to choose a catchy business name and maybe even design a logo to match.
  • Get the materials and any training they need: They need to think about what equipment they will need and whether they should have training. For instance, if they want to start a babysitting business, they may benefit from learning first aid.
  • Advertise: They can distribute flyers or market their business on social media, asking customers to leave online reviews to help spread the word.
  • Set goals: Encourage your kids to set realistic goals for their business to motivate them and keep them focused on what they want to achieve. Some manageable goals can include building up the customer base, selling the product or service in a new area, getting good reviews or even getting investors.

If their business takes off and earns over £1,000 a year, they must register as self-employed and file an annual return.

How to earn pocket money

There are various ways for kids to make pocket money - including helping out with chores at home. Think about whether you'd be willing to pay your kids pocket money for extra help around the house. This means going above and beyond what they might already be doing to help around the house.


Here are a few ideas from our age appropriate chore list you can suggest to your kids to help them earn pocket money:

  • Washing the family car
  • Doing the laundry and ironing
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping floors
  • Tutoring younger siblings
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Walking the dog
  • Putting the bins out
  • Cooking meals

You can also find out more about ways kids can make money this summer to help them make extra cash.

Where should your kids keep all the money they've made?

If your child is aged 6 to 18, their earnings can go into a GoHenry account. Then with a GoHenry prepaid debit card, they can spend their earnings online, in-store or withdraw cash from ATMs. If they are over 13, they can also use it wherever Apple Pay is accepted. As their parent, you can set up regular transfers or make one-off payments to their account. And thanks to Giftlinks, other people can also top up their GoHenry prepaid debit card account. It's easy to set up a GoHenry account.




While your kids might not be old enough to get a proper job just yet, there are still many ways they can earn some money. With some creative thinking and hard work, they can find the perfect way to make money as a kid that they'll also enjoy.
Written by GoHenry Published Jun 25, 2021 ● 5 min read