Family and friends can gift using Giftlinks

Family and friends can gift using Giftlinks

At gohenry our mission is simple – we want to make every kid good with money. To do this, we’ve always worked closely with our customers to co-create our service and ensure we deliver on this mission.


One thing we’ve heard a lot is that families would like their relatives to be able to help out with pocket money and savings, particularly when grandparents want to give a little extra. We’ve also heard that kids get a lot of unwanted presents for birthdays and Christmas. As well as being a waste of money, this is bad for the environment. Wouldn’t it be better if friends and family could just put a little money towards the things that kids are saving for?


We think it would. So we created Giftlinks.

What are Giftlinks?

Giftlinks are designed to give your family and friends an alternative to sending unwanted gifts or vouchers. Once you’ve created a Giftlink, family and friends can use it to send money straight to your child’s gohenry account. It’s perfect for birthdays and celebrations, and is also a great way for family members to contribute to your child’s pocket money.


Are Giftlinks secure?

Yes, each link is totally secure, free of charge, and gifters can add their own personal message. The lucky recipients get more money to manage, and can decide whether to spend it or save up for something special. They can also send a ‘thank you’ message straight from their gohenry app.

Birthdays made easy

When it comes to birthdays, choosing a gift for a child can be tricky. Children and teenagers’ tastes change quickly, which means it’s difficult to keep up with the latest craze, let alone their clothes size.


Most parents spend valuable time fielding requests for ideas, or receive a pile of unwanted presents, which – let’s face it – is just plain wasteful.


By making it easy for family and friends to gift money to your child’s gohenry card, you’ll not only save everyone (including yourself!) a lot of time and effort, you’ll be creating a larger pot of money for your child to manage.


This is the perfect option if your child is saving up for an expensive purchase, such as a games console, a phone or a tablet – and they’ll enjoy the satisfaction of reaching their goal a little faster.

Helping out with the everyday 

There are lots of reasons why family members might want to contribute to your child’s pocket money. Perhaps grandparents would like to reward your child for an excellent school report or sporting achievement. Maybe they’d like to send some holiday spending money. Or they might even want a little something to help your child get started on their Christmas shopping.


When you create and share an everyday link, it can be used again and again, making it super-easy to send gifts. As an added bonus, every extra gift helps your child to develop better money skills as they decide whether to spend or save.

Get the gohenry app

You’ll need the gohenry app to use our Giftlinks feature. So, if you don’t have it, you should download it today.


If you already have the app, simply tap on ‘Money’ at the bottom of the home screen, then ‘Giftlinks’, and you’ll be good to go.


Try Giftlinks via our gohenry app, from the play store, or the app store.
Written by Ceri Roberts Published Nov 23, 2020 ● 3 min. read