The top 10 'finfluencers' for kids to follow

The top 10 'finfluencers' for kids to follow

Managing your money can be stressful and confusing, so it's always helpful to have a list of go-to experts to help you find your way.  Knowing who to trust, however, is key to getting good advice. Here are 10 top finfluencers that can help your child learn about money.


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Who is a finfluencer?

Finfluencers are people who share information on financial topics with their audience. They have 'influence' due to the size of their audience on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. For adults, a well-known finfluencer would be Martin Lewis, but teens and kids are more likely to turn to other finfluencers, especially on TikTok, where the hashtag #fintok has over half a billion views, and is now one of the most informative and active corners of the platform.


Is advice offered by finfluencers always correct?

Whether the advice offered by a finfluencer is correct depends on the subject they are discussing, their opinions, and their sources. This is why talking about financial matters with your kids regularly is essential. Regular conversations can help you identify what kind of financial content they are consuming and whether the advice they are getting is sound.


What to look out for?

There are plenty of opportunities for misinformation in the social media finance space and as a result there has been a huge influx of scam content.. With finfluencers advise your kids to be careful of the following:

  • Get rich quick schemes.
  • Risky financial advice (especially around NFTs and Cryptocurrency).
  • The background of the influencer – are they reputable?
  • The credibility of the influencer – get your kids to trust their gut. If financial advice sounds too good to be true, it is!
  • Advice from ‘finfluencers’ showing off their clothes, money, cars and houses with promises of financial tips and advice.’ Likely to all be fake.
  • Anyone who packages up their ‘financial advice’ and asks you to pay for it.

Top 10 finfluencers for kids

Thankfully, there are many reputable financial influencers - here's the 10 worth watching.


Jeremy Schneider @personalfinanceclub

415k followers Instagram

115.6K followers TikTok

2.8M likes on TikTok


Jeremy Schneider is an entrepreneur, software developer, and personal finance expert. His financial philosophy can be summarised as: live below your means and invest early and often. His goal is "to give simple, unbiased information on how to win with money and become a multi-millionaire!


Gemma Bird @MoneyMumOfficial 

312k followers Instagram 

69.4k followers TikTok

258.6 likes TikTok


Gemma Bird is an oracle of money-saving tips and an advocate of the power of saving. Budget savvy, her most popular post, shares her 'rounding up' technique for daily savings: every evening, check your balance, and whatever the last figure is, you transfer it to your savings account.



Mark Ross @markross

123k followers TikTok

1.6M likes TikTok


Mark Ross is 23 years old and specialises in business, personal finance and investing. He has great tips on saving for your first house, saving for a holiday in 6 months, and making money from your homework!


Tiffany Aliche @thebudgetnista 

578k followers on Instagram

Tiffany' The Budgetnista' Aliche is an award-winning financial education teacher and author of Get Good With Money. She focuses on saving, paying off debt, and transforming the way we all think about finances.


Callum Carver @themoneyman 

322.2K followers TikTok



Callum Carver is a Personal Finance Finfluencer teaching GenZ the way around money, finance, investing and entrepreneurship. He has interesting posts on how to put your money to work, live within your means, and ensure you are around people who positively influence your money habits.


Erika Kullberg @erikankullberg

4.2M followers Instagram

9M followers on TikTok



Money lawyer, Erika Kullberg, is full of great money-saving tips, hacks and personal finance advice. She has information on how to fly business class, fixing your iPhone for free and investing versus buying. One to follow if you are looking to save money.


Humphrey Yang @HumphreyTalks

3.3M followers TikTok

48.2M likes on TikTok

506k followers Instagram


Humphrey Yang is a finfluencer eager to share his knowledge and information on everything from online pricing tips to money-saving hacks and the truth about saving and investing.


Pennies to Pounds @penniestopounds

29.2K followers TikTok

253.3k likes on TikTok

21.2K followers Instagram


Kia from Pennies to Pounds offers simple, jargon-free videos about financial literacy. She has some great posts on saving money when eating out and regularly posts saving challenges, travel hacks and details about accounts with the best benefits.


Milan Singh @MilanSinghhh

2.5M followers on TikTok

25.4M likes on TikTok

902k followers on Instagram


Milan Singh posts daily money videos and is worth following as he posts investment tactics and tips alongside good financial literacy information on how taxes work and how to improve your credit rating.


Matt @MattTalksMoney

13K followers on TikTok

282.2k likes on TikTok


Matt specialises in financial education, focusing on all things money and investing. He has finance tips, investment information and key facts about managing, saving and earning money.


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