Best parental control apps for iPhone and Android

Best parental control apps for iPhone and Android

Looking for the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android devices? Keeping your kids safe online shouldn't be a full-time job. There are a lot of great parental control apps you can download and install to ensure your kids stay safe while using their mobile phone.


If you aren’t sure which parental control apps you should be using, here we will reveal some of the best apps for iPhone and Android devices. But don’t forget, apps that monitor your kids mobile phone use can’t replace the importance of talking to your child about staying safe online. 




The best parental control apps for iPhone and Android

You have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting parental controls for iPhone and Android devices. Some are much better than others at protecting your kids online. Let’s look at some of the best parental control apps currently available.

Kaspersky UK

If you have a large family, Kaspersky UK is a great parental control app to consider. One of the best things about this app is that it can be used across most platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. It can also be installed on an unlimited number of devices, which means you can monitor more than one child at a time.


The app comes with an extensive range of features including web filtering, app blocking, time management, and location monitoring.  

Net Nanny

The main purpose of Net Nanny is to restrict adult content. As well as blocking adult content, it also includes other parental controls such as the ability to manage your kids screen time and block certain apps. There are a couple of paid options for iPhone and Android devices, and it is one of the more expensive apps on the list.


Unlike a lot of its competitors, Net Nanny provides 15 adult categories you can filter. You can also restrict or block social media, and ensure foul language is hidden. There is the option to view your child’s YouTube history in a detailed report too. 


So, if you want an extensive parental control app you can trust, Net Nanny is a great option. 


Another app that offers extensive parental controls is QUSTODIO. Unlike many other apps on the list, this one also offers a free version. The free services are not as extensive as the paid ones. 


The best thing about this app is that it works with every type of browser. It also provides excellent customisation opportunities, enabling parents to control it based on their concerns. Another thing that makes it unique is that it can be used across multiple platforms. You can set the controls for each device, which is ideal if you have children of different ages.


If you choose to install the premium version, you will have access and control over practically every part of your child’s phone. This includes being able to view messages, game use, and social media interactions. 

Norton Family

Supervise your kids' web use with the Norton Family app. Norton is renowned for its internet security solutions. Its family app enables you to see what your child has been watching and searching for on the internet. It also lets you set limits on screen time, and it offers a 30-day free trial.


The app, available on iPhone and Android, also lets you see where your child has been. You can view their location history for up to 30 days. If you’re looking for an app that you can trust to keep your kids protected, this is a fantastic choice.


Although not as popular as some of the other apps on the list, Life360 is a brilliant parental control app. It is mostly designed to help you track your child’s location, providing tools like real-time location, destination alerts, and location history.


The app also lets your child send an emergency message if they are in trouble when away from home. When it comes to monitoring where your kids go, this is one of the best parental control apps you can download. 

GoHenry prepaid debit card app

Trying to teach kids financial independence isn’t always easy. The GoHenry kids' debit card helps to teach valuable lessons in managing and spending money. If you are using the GoHenry prepaid debit card, you can download the app to help your kids learn valuable money management lessons.



The app is available to kids aged 6-18 and it provides financial education, alongside spending notifications for parents and guardians. Your kids will learn about things such as investing and saving, all through fun interactive quizzes. As they progress, they will earn badges and points to help keep them motivated. 


These are some of the best parental control apps for iPhone and iPad devices. So, how do you know which one is right for you?




How to choose the right parental apps

If you want to choose the best parental control app, you need to consider what you want it to do. What is the main function you need the app to offer? Some of the main features to consider when looking into the best app to use include:

  • Web filtering
  • Location reporting
  • App monitoring
  • Message monitoring

Think about the features you would find most useful. Are you more concerned with the content your child is viewing? Or are you worried about who they might be messaging? Pay attention to the features included with each app, alongside the cost.


The best parental control app options tend to be the most expensive. The added cost is worthwhile for the advanced features typically included. You can also get a good idea of which parental control apps are better to download by reading online reviews. Parents frequently share their experiences with parental control apps on sites such as Trustpilot and other consumer review sites. 


These are the main things to factor in when trying to decide which app is right for you. 

I’ve chosen an app, what now?

Once you have chosen the right app for you, it’s time to talk to your kids about their online safety. You can also explain the importance of using the internet wisely. 


Kids are often naive about the potential dangers that lurk online. They can also seek out inappropriate content out of curiosity. Without understanding the dangers, they could end up in harm’s way, even with parental controls in place. 


When talking to your kids about using the internet safely, be sure to let them know:

  • That strangers cannot always be trusted
  • The risks of sharing private information
  • Why limiting screen time is important
  • The importance of cybersecurity

While you don’t want to scare your kids, you do need them to understand the dangers online. Let them know you are there if they have any questions or are worried about their safety. You want them to feel like they can talk to you if they are worried about their safety. 


You can’t always be there to keep your kids safe from the online world. However, parental control apps can give you peace of mind. Take a look at the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android above and compare them to see which one is right for you.
Written by GoHenry Published Aug 18, 2021 ● 3 min. read