Chore challenge for kids of all ages

Chore challenge for kids of all ages

Convincing kids to help with household chores can often feel like an uphill battle. From eye rolls to sighs, the resistance is real, so here’s how to lure them in with the 30-day chore challenge.

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What is the 30-day chore challenge?

The 30-day chore challenge is a structured way to encourage household chores over a month. It involves assigning specific tasks for each day of the month and creating a routine covering different home areas and various chores. The challenge aims to instil good habits, promote responsibility, and build life skills.



Tips to help your kids complete the challenge

  • Discuss the chore challenge with them first. Get kids to participate in creating the challenge by coming up with ideas for daily chores they could do.

  • Make chores age-appropriate - remember kids of different ages can do different chores so change them up and delegate (see below for ideas).

  • Use a chore chart§ or app to remind them. Encourage accountability by using chore charts or apps to remind kids what chores are happening and when.

  • Ensure chores build life skills - help your kids learn how to do chores properly so you can build their life skills.

  • Encourage your kids with rewards and positive reinforcement. This could be anything from extra pocket money to days out and treats at home.

How could a 30-day chore challenge look for kids of different ages?

Younger kids

  1. Make their bed

  2. Clean their teeth

  3. Get dressed

  4. Put away toys

  5. Clear the table

  6. Set the table

  7. Water plants

  8. Sort laundry

  9. Match clean socks

  10. Sweep the floor

  11. Wipe surfaces

  12. Fold towels

  13. Empty small trash bins

  14. Tidy their room

  15. Put away groceries

  16. Empty backpacks

  17. Daily reading for their homework

  18. Help with meal preparation

  19. Dust low surfaces

  20. Hang up coats and bags

  21. Wipe up spillages

  22. Help with grocery shopping

  23. Replace toilet rolls in the bathroom

  24. Small tasks around the house

  25. Care for pets with an adult

  26. Weed the garden with an adult

  27. Pick up leaves in autumn

  28. Help wash the car with an adult

  29. Get the post from the front door

  30. Got to bed when asked


  1. Make their bed

  2. Clean their room

  3. Vacuum or sweep floors

  4. Take out the trash

  5. Sort recycling

  6. Mop the floor

  7. Fold and put away laundry

  8. Change bed sheets

  9. Wipe down kitchen surfaces

  10. Load and unload the dishwasher

  11. Prepare simple meals with help

  12. Clean the bathroom

  13. Dust furniture

  14. Put clothes away.

  15. Water outdoor plants

  16. Rake leaves

  17. Wash the car with help

  18. Organise the refrigerator

  19. Plan and prepare a simple meal

  20. Help with grocery shopping

  21. Care for pets

  22. Outdoor chores

  23. Clean out the car

  24. Set the dinner table

  25. Clean and organise cupboards and wardrobes

  26. Wash and fold towels

  27. Help with younger siblings

  28. Assist with technology setup

  29. Create and maintain a chore chart

  30. Load and unload the washing machine




  1. Change sheets

  2. Do homework

  3. Walk the dog/clean out pets' cages

  4. Help younger siblings with homework

  5. Cook a meal

  6. Do extra shopping when needed

  7. Clean the bathroom

  8. Clean the kitchen

  9. Load and unload the dishwasher

  10. Dust and clean their rooms

  11. Tidy the shed or garage

  12. Wash the car

  13. Put their clothes away

  14. Bring all mugs and cups down from rooms

  15. Bigger outdoor chores

  16. Take the bins out on bin collection day

  17. Bring laundry down

  18. Empty the dishwasher and hang laundry

  19. Iron their clothes

  20. Putting clean laundry away

  21. Tidy rooms

  22. Babysit younger siblings

  23. Go grocery shopping

  24. Help with tech

  25. Clean baths and showers after use

  26. Care for pets

  27. Look after plants

  28. Mow the lawn

  29. Be good with their time management

  30. Remember to do their chores

Other chore challenges to try out

Speed Cleaning Challenge

Challenge family members to see who can clean their designated area the fastest. Set a timer and encourage participants to focus on quality cleaning within the time limit. The winner gets a small reward or gets to choose the next family activity.

Mystery Chore Challenge

Place different household chores in envelopes with varying difficulty levels. Have each family member pick an envelope and complete the chore inside. This adds an element of surprise and variety to the usual routine.

Team Chore Relay

Divide chores into smaller tasks and create a relay race. Each family member completes one task before passing it onto the next person. The first team to finish all tasks wins, promoting teamwork and coordination.

Chore Bingo

Create a Bingo card with different chores instead of numbers. Each family member gets a card and marks off completed chores. The first to complete a row or column shouts "Bingo!" and earns a reward.

Themed Chore Days

Assign a theme to each day of the week (e.g., "Kitchen Tuesday" or "Bedroom Wednesday"). Challenge family members to focus on chores related to the theme on that day. The person who completes the most themed chores by the end of the week wins a prize.

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