Free printable reward chart for kids

Free printable reward chart for kids

Are you looking for ways to reward your child for chores? Reward charts are a great way to keep your child motivated for the task at hand. They also double as a to-do list, where your kids can take pride in reflecting on all the hard work they've accomplished. Here we talk about why reward charts work so well and have included a free template for you to print out and use at home.


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How does a reward chart work?


Reward charts are very simple for children to use as they give visible, positive reinforcement. Once you have the chart, your child can look at it to see what they need to do. Then, when they have completed the chore, they get a sticker, a smiley face, or a tick – all positive ways of showing that they’ve done what you asked them to do. Once they get enough ticks on their chart, they get a reward.


Wondering what to reward your kids with, and whether to give your kids money for doing chores? The reward can be anything from a sweet, to a later bedtime, to money. What’s important is finding a reward that motivates your kids.


How to make a reward chart?


An important thing to remember when making a reward chart is that you want your kid to interact with it. This means making it nice and big so that they can read it easily. A great way to make a reward chart is to print out our free template, and then you and your child can spend time decorating the outside, adding stickers, glitter, or anything else to make your child like it. After all, some kids don’t want to do chores, so encouraging them to get creative and decorate the chart to their personal taste can make chores seem less daunting.


How to set up a reward chart?


There are two main things to consider when setting up a reward chart for your children:


First, chores. The first thing to decide is what chore or chores the reward chart will track. Make sure to pick age-appropriate chores for your kids. You also might want to pick a behaviour that you want them to work on, like remembering to brush their teeth or getting dressed quickly.


Then the fun part, the reward. Speak with your child to agree on a reward that will motivate them to do their chores. This might be more screen time, picking what the family eats for dinner, or money – and if you want to use a financial reward, decide how much to pay your child for doing chores


A free reward chart template


Download our free reward chart template here.


How can GoHenry help with rewarding


A kids pocket money app like GoHenry lets you set up paid tasks – this is like a chore list that you can use alongside the reward chart. Your kid can look on their GoHenry app and see what tasks you set them. Once they tick off the task, and you confirm it’s done, the money can go straight onto their GoHenry prepaid debit card. You can also set up pocket money on repeat with weekly allowance transfers, meaning you can check it off your to-do list for good.


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