How much should I pay my child for doing chores?

How much should I pay my child for doing chores?

In 2021, GoHenry kids’ earned a combined £148 million from weekly pocket money, completing tasks and receiving money through Giftlinks from family and friends. While it's entirely down to parental choice, paying children to do household chores is an effective way to teach kids practical and financial skills. According to the latest GoHenry Youth Economy Report, 61% of kids using GoHenry completed paid tasks on their GoHenry app, helping them learn crucial money management skills and financial responsibility.


But even when parents decide they want to pay their kids pocket money for doing housework because they see the benefits, many wonder 'how much should I pay my child for chores?'. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

Should I pay my child for doing chores?

Our primary job as parents is to prepare our kids to handle life as an adult by teaching them essential money skills, and money management is high on the list. One of the most important ways for young people to learn is through hands-on experience. Paying your child to do chores gives them hands-on practise when the stakes are low, and you are there to support them and monitor their spending and saving.


Giving your children money to do age-appropriate weekly tasks, whether laying the table, putting their toys away or sweeping the floor, has numerous benefits for parents and kids. It can help them build character, boost their self-esteem, and develop a solid work ethic and respect for earning money. Paying kids to do chores also teaches them:

  • Life skills
  • How to follow instructions
  • Importance of taking care of things
  • Value of teamwork
  • Understand the between work and earning
  • Delayed gratification

Setting up a GoHenry account for your child is a great way to complement the skills they learn through earning. While you can set them tasks to complete, they will also have access to in-app learning resources through Money Missions. With their GoHenry prepaid debit card, they can also learn to take responsibility for spending, budgeting and saving their money.

How much should I pay my child per chore?

For some parents, one of the most challenging aspects of paying their kids to do chores is deciding how much money to give them. GoHenry data reveals that the average amount of pocket money children receive is increasing each year, especially with children spending more time at home during the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020/21.


In most cases, how much you pay your kids will come down to your household budget, what other money they might get, and what you expect them to spend their money on. In 2021, the average weekly earnings from paid tasks through the GoHenry app was 73p. But how does this compare to the previous year?

Average earnings per task










Tidy room



Feed pets



Load/empty dishwasher



Make bed



Empty bins/sort recycling



Get ready for school



Brush teeth




GoHenry's research also found that girls tend to earn 3% more than boys (74p compared to 72p), while older teenagers tend to be paid more for doing housework.

Top chores children are paid for

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, children's pocket money earnings increased, with parents relying on kids for help and also trying to keep them occupied. But once kids returned to school, they still kept up the momentum of doing household chores. According to GoHenry data, what has changed since then is which tasks are the most popular to complete by young earners.


In 2021, the top four tasks were:

  • Gardening: up 1%
  • Washing and showering: up 2%
  • Dusting: up 4%
  • Emptying and loading the washing machine: up 7%

While the four tasks less popular than the year before included:

  • Emptying rubbish/sorting recycling: down 11%
  • Tidying room: down 11%
  • Babysitting: down 12%
  • Walking the dog: down 22%

GoHenry makes it easier to pay your children for tasks

GoHenry makes it quick and easy to keep track of your child's pocket money and task payments. Set up a GoHenry account and you don't have to worry about finding the right amount of cash to give them each week — you can set up regular pocket money payments to their account and set them tasks that will pay out to them once they are marked as completed. This money goes on their GoHenry prepaid debit card, which they can use to make purchases online and in-store or withdraw cash at an ATM. Whatever they spend is deducted from the total amount on the card.


With their GoHenry app, your child can visually track their spending and saving, while you can also keep a close eye on their spending with instant notifications and set up spending limits to help your children manage their money.
Written by GoHenry Published Oct 13, 2021 ● 4 min read