The best money and finance books for teens

The best money and finance books for teens

It pays to cover all bases when teaching your kids about money management: from regular honest discussions about money to looking at the  issues in greater depth. All these elements help teens to realise the importance of financial literacy and put what they know into action. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the best finance books for teens.




Best money and finance books for teens: our picks

The world of personal finance changes all the time but at GoHenry we know there are core skills that everyone needs to manage their money. With that in mind we considered several factors when selecting books for this list: the author’s expertise, world of mouth, online reviews and a diverse range of writing styles to appeal to different teens. 

What they don't teach you about money by Claer Barrett

The financial world can be intimidating even for adults, but this book will banish a lack of confidence by demystifying money. Teens can learn why their 'financial personality' is critical to unlocking  money habits, the secrets of successful budgeting, and how to understand student finance, debt, credit and loans.

Personal Finance For Young Adults: 7 Simple Steps To Gain Financial Literacy by Jerrell Mccain 

All of us make common mistakes when it comes to managing money. For this reason this  book covers all aspects of financial adulting, including personal finance, investing, career planning and how to build wealth in a step-by-step process.

Money: A User's Guide by Laura Whateley

A fantastic must-read for teens. Author Laura Whateley is the consumer champion at The Times, and she calmly presents the money facts around debt, student loans, trying to get on the property ladder eventually and the truth about investing. A great all-round read on the money front.


Personal Finance for Young Adults: From Broke to Boss By Kirk Teachout

An excellent read for older teens focusing on avoiding unnecessary debt, financial stress, and bad investments. This book is a simple 7-step system for financial literacy and  will show your teens how to manage their finances and build wealth.


How to Money: Your Ultimate Visual Guide to the Basics of Finance by Jean Chatzky

Fun to read, easy to understand and visually enticing, filled with infographics, actionable tips and exercises. It has an empowering message that though money and finances can be intimidating, it doesn't have to be.


Think Like a Boss: 47 Money Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs by Jemma Roedel

This book has 47+ ways to start making some extra cash and understand more about money management. It’s a great book for teens as it includes would-be entrepreneurs looking for ways to earn more and learn about money.


What Young People Need To Know About Money: A quick guide to money, the economy and the changing world of work by Roma Dhameja

This book covers three key areas: ‘Personal Finance’, with activities that allow teens to calculate what their ideal lifestyle will cost to work towards it. ‘The Economy’, which  explores the basics of our economic world and ‘The World of Work’, which looks at careers and how to develop a side hustle and multiple sources of income.


Money Skills for Teens: Practical Financial Skills for Teens to Build a Strong Money Foundation by Naomi Hendrix

If your teen needs real-world practical financial skills, this is the book to buy. It will show them how to cultivate a money mindset, understand budgeting, gain control over their money and build a sturdy emergency fund, and even start prepping for retirement (nope, it's not too soon!).



Personal Finance for Teens and Young Adults: A Practical Guide to Money Management for the Real World by Eric Mills

This is a good comprehensive introduction to financial management, including how to create a positive money mindset and how to get started on setting your financial goals.


It explains all the banking terminology your teen should know, and how to use compound interest to maximise your net worth, Plus, how to use a budget to lower your stress, and increase your chances of reaching your goals.


Cash by Rashmi Sirdeshpande

This is crucial financial literacy for teens  teaching money basics and the pitfalls to be aware of, such as how advertisers make you think something is a better deal than it is and how to decide if you want/need to buy something. It’s great for would-be entrepreneurs and those who want to understand how to manage their money.


How to save it. Fix your finances by Bola Sol

An indispensable guide that will help you understand money and what to do with it. In seven chapters' financial wellness guru, Bola Sol guides your teen through money essentials - from saving to budgeting, dealing with debt, building  credit, and taking some first steps into investing.


Young Adult's Financial Freedom Blueprint by Hassan Afifi

An empowering guide tailored specifically for teens provides essential tools to navigate the world of personal finance successfully. It also combines personal experience and expert insights to help your teen avoid common financial pitfalls and make informed decisions about money. 


Essential Money Skills for Kids and Teens by John L Fisher

An excellent book for kids and teens that helps teach them the foundations of financial literacy. The book recognises that personal finance is not just about numbers and maths; it's about cultivating a healthy mindset and making intelligent choices. It emphasises the importance of setting goals, developing good habits, and understanding the value of money in relation to personal goals and values.


The Money Mentaility=: Personal Finance for Teens by Michael Kenny MD

A great read with the emphasis on how you’re never too young to start taking control of your money and planning your financial future. Starting with the five core competencies of financial literacy, this book not only teaches you the essentials of managing personal finances, but also tells you how to save, invest and use money in a responsible way.


Teach your teens about money with GoHenry

Teens learn best by doing. So show them how to manage money for themselves with a GoHenry prepaid teen debit card.  Available for kids aged 6-18, GoHenry is a safe way for teens to practise their financial literacy skills. There’s a companion app for parents which allows you to pay pocket money, monitor spending, top up when necessary and create saving pots. Money Missions is our in-app financial education tool, allowing your teens to explore various financial topics, from budgeting to saving and more. 





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