How to make money as a teenager in the UK

How to make money as a teenager in the UK

Whether looking to save for a car, pay for college, or earn some extra spending money, there are many ways they can make money as a teenager in the UK. Many businesses need part-time workers, and the good news is that they can start working part-time as soon as they are 13 years old. If they are feeling a little more ambitious and want to be their own boss, there are ways they can make money as a teenager without even leaving the house. Here's our guide to how to make money as a teenager in the UK.

Working when you are a teenager

Before a teen starts looking for a job, it's important to know that while they can start working when they turn 13, they are restricted to 12 hours a week during the school term and 25 hours a week during the school holidays. This increases to 25 hours at 14, 35 hours at 15 and 16, and unlimited at 17 and over.


Once they start making money, teens can ask their parents to help them set up a GoHenry account. They are ideal for helping teenagers get to grips with their finances and learn about managing money, and with a GoHenry teen prepaid debit card, they can spend their hard-earned money online or in-store.

How to make money online as a teen

If, like most teenagers, your teens spend a lot of time online, then they could turn that time into money. Making money online means they don't have to worry about getting someone to drive them anywhere, and its flexibility means they can fit it around their studies. There are lots of ways teens can make money online, for example:

Make and sell stuff online

Selling homemade crafts is big business. In 2021, as many as 25% of young people sold items online, according to GoHenry’s Youth Economy Report. If your teen likes making things, why not encourage them to make money from them? With sites like Etsy, eBay and Facebook, they can find a buyer for their lovely makes. If they enjoy drawing and graphic design, they can design things like logos for people via Fiverr.

Paid surveys

Some companies are keen to learn what consumers think about their products through paid online surveys. It's not going to earn your teenager a fortune, but it's fairly quick and easy work, and all they need is internet access.


It's possible to make money by blogging through affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsored posts. Blogging for money is writing content that offers value to other people. They just need to decide on a theme or topic and start writing regular content.


Growing a successful YouTube channel doesn't happen overnight. But once your teen gets enough views and subscribers, they can apply to have adverts on their channel. They can only start a YouTube channel once they are 13 and have parental permission. Monetising only happens once they turn 18. But this might be something that parents can help with.

Video game streaming

Video game streaming has become hugely popular in recent years. It's a fun way to share a love of gaming and generate some income. Your teenager shouldn't expect to earn huge amounts to start with, but as their platform on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch grows, so should their income.

Take and sell photos

If your teenager enjoys taking photos as a hobby, they can turn it into real cash by selling their photos online. There are several websites where they can upload their photos, and then people can download them, and your teen gets a cut of the sales value of the photo. Good sites to try are Shutterstock, Dreamstime, iStockphoto and Fotolia.

How to make money offering a service as a teen

There are plenty of opportunities to make money in the local area by offering a useful service, for instance:

Dog walking

If your teenager loves dogs, they could try speaking to neighbours and see if they could help with dog walking. They could also contact local dog walking businesses and see if they need any additional walkers.

Pet sitting

When people go away on holiday, they often need someone to come in and feed their beloved pet. Encourage your teen to spread the word in your local area that they are offering pet sitting services, and keep an eye on Facebook for anyone local looking for a pet sitter.


If your teen likes being around children, they could think about becoming a babysitter. They can start by advertising on a local Facebook group or reaching out to neighbours and families they know with children to let them know that they are available for babysitting.


Many parents want help with their kids' academic tuition or teaching them a musical instrument. If there's a subject your teenager is particularly confident in, then they could offer themselves as a tutor both online and in-person in the area.

Declutter and sell their stuff

Most teens accumulate a lot of things, so now's a great chance to get your teenager's bedroom tidy. If they have something they don't want or use anymore, but it's still in good condition, they could make some cash from it by selling it at car boots, online through eBay, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace. Just check the age rules first on these sites. Your teen may need a parent to set up an account.

Make money doing household chores

Your teen might also be able to earn some money as a teenager by doing some chores at home. Think about what household chores would be most helpful and suggest that your teenager takes responsibility for them in exchange for pocket money. Here are some best chores for teens ideas for how to earn money as a teenager by doing household chores:

  • Helping younger siblings with homework
  • Babysitting younger siblings
  • Doing the laundry and ironing
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Washing and valeting the cars
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Taking out the rubbish
  • Walking the dog
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cooking
  • Preparing lunch boxes
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors

Find out more about the best chores for teens or other ways for teens to make pocket money.

Get a summer job as a teen

While the summer holidays are often a good time to relax and have fun with friends, it's also perfect for earning extra cash and getting valuable work experience. Here are some ways for teens to make money this summer:

Summer camp

If your teenager likes the idea of working with children, they could spend their summer working at a summer camp. There are many different types of summer camps, from sports camps to summer schools, and they are often looking for mentors, office staff, teachers, activity leaders and helpers.

Theme parks

If they want to spend their summer outdoors helping people have a great time, then they may want to consider getting a job at a theme park. There are usually many roles available: cleaning, photography, food and drink sales, customer service, retail assistants, and ride attendants. So, something to suit all different ages, interests and skills.

Summer festivals

Between June and September, there are lots of festivals taking place right across the UK that offer a variety of job opportunities for older teenagers. Some of the jobs available include selling food, drink and merchandise, stewarding and security. While they get free entry to the festival, some also include accommodation.


Summer is the ideal time to get some paid gardening work, from mowing lawns and weeding to cutting back hedges. They can start by asking neighbours if they need any help in the garden or contact local gardening companies and ask if they are looking for extra paid help over the summer.

Other good summer job ideas for teens include:

  • Dog walker
  • Lifeguard
  • Tour guide
  • Waiting staff
  • Cleaner
  • Barista
  • Delivering newspapers/catalogues

Give your teen their own prepaid debit card with GoHenry

If your teen is aged 14 or over, they can have the money they earn from their part-time jobs paid straight into their GoHenry account. It's a safe way to get their wages, and they can access the money straight away, making it a popular choice for teenagers. It means they don't have to remember to pay a cheque into their bank or carry cash around with them all the time. It's super convenient and perfect for teens. As their parent, you can also set up regular or one-off payments, and with Giftlinks, friends and family can safely send them money. Once the money is in their account, they can use their GoHenry prepaid debit card to pay for items online, in-store, or withdraw cash.


There are plenty of options to make money as a teenager and with a GoHenry account, they have somewhere safe to put their money.

Written by GoHenry Published Jun 8, 2021 ● 6 min read