20 of the best high paying jobs for teens

20 of the best high paying jobs for teens

Getting a job as a teen isn’t easy, but even with restrictions and a lack of skills and experience, it is possible. Looking in the right places is an excellent place to start. Here’s a round-up of the best-paying jobs for teens and how to get them.


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What restrictions are there on finding a job as a teen


The youngest age a teen can work is 13, and during term time, teens aged 13 - 14 can only work a maximum of 12 hours a week. This includes a maximum of 2 hours on school days and Sundays and a maximum of 5 hours on Saturdays. They can only be employed in what is considered ‘light work’. This means that they can’t do any job that may affect their health and safety or interfere with their education.


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15 to 16-year-olds can only work 12 hours a week, 2 hours a day on school days and Sundays, but they can work 8 hours on a Saturday. 


Restrictions aside, while it’s always good to encourage your teens to be proactive about looking for part-time work, it can be challenging depending on where they live. Jobs can be poorly paid as there is no minimum wage for those under 16. For those under 18 it is currently £4.81 (rising to £5.28 in April 2023).


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The good news is some big employers will pay more than this, and of course, if teens can’t find a job, there are also opportunities for your teen to earn money from running their own business. Our latest Youth Economy Report 2022 shows a quarter of kids and teens (25%) are now earning from selling things on online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, Depop and Vinted and nearly one in five (18%) kids are earning money from gaming.



Best high-paying* jobs for teens 13- 14 


*hourly pay varies depending on where you live and who you work for


  • Delivering newspapers - £5 a week

There are usually a number of drops per day (around 20), and sometimes they get paid more at weekends when the papers are heavier.


  • Delivering leaflets - £3 to 5 an hour

They’ll need to post leaflets through doors and cover a set area per drop.


  • Weekend shop work - £4.81 an hour

Tends to be in smaller shops and duties include stacking shelves and clearing up.


  • Working in a salon - £4.81 an hour plus tips

Mainly Saturday work, which includes sweeping up, making hot drinks and washing hair.


  • Working in a café - £4.81 an hour plus tips

Cleaning tables and sweeping up, possibly helping with serving.



Best high-paying* jobs for teens 15 - 16


*hourly pay varies depending on where you live and who you work for


Retail work - pay is £9 - 10 an hour


One of the best high paying jobs for teens is working in the main supermarket chains. These jobs pay between £9 and £11 an hour, and involve duties such as stacking shelves, fulfilling the online shopping orders, and helping out at self service checkouts.


Events work - pay is £9 an hour


Events work means helping with the serving of food and setting up for events such as weddings, engagements, christenings and company events. Pay is around £9 an hour, and teens will need to dress smartly, and be able to work as and when needed.


Working in a cafe - pay is £5 an hour plus tips


Teen work in cafes revolves around cleaning tables and floors, waiting tables and maybe even taking orders. Teens can’t work in the kitchen and can expect to be paid around £5 an hour plus tips.


Dog walker - pay is £6 - 8 an hour


If your teen has experience with dogs, they may be able to get a job with a dog walking agency. The job involves dog walking and dog sitting, however, there are restrictions on how many dogs they  can walk and what kind of work they can do.


Babysitter - pay £8 an hour


Depending on the age of the child, babysitting tends to involve being there for kids when their parents aren’t there, school pick-ups, after-school care, taking care of hygiene needs, and sticking to sleep schedules. Your teen will need to be able to travel to and from the child’s house. 


Customer services - pay is from £8 an hour


If your teen is good with people then this could be the job for them. Customer service jobs tend to either be face-to-face in retail, or online / on the phone from home. Teens will need to be patient, stick to written scripts and answer calls within a set time frame.


Youth sports referee - pay is £10.00 per match


Youth referees oversee games between teams in a youth league. Responsibilities include keeping track of start and stop times, and ensuring that all players stick to the rules of the game. Bear in mind that training and safeguarding courses have to be done first and referees aged under sixteen are only allowed to officiate in games where the players are at least one year younger than they are.




Best high-paying* jobs for teens 16 - 18


*hourly pay varies depending on where you live and who you work for


  • Tutor - From £8 to £60

Hourly rates can vary between £15 and £60 depending on experience and location. Teens will earn less if they work for a tutoring centre (£8 to £9). 


  • Sports Referee - pay is £30 per match

Sports referees oversee games between teams in a youth league. Training and safeguarding courses have to be done first but money can be good.


  • Barista - pay £12 - £14 per hour

From the age of 16, teens can work as a barista, but some franchises require staff to be at least 18 due to late working hours.


  • Gardening - pays £8 to £15 an hour

Working as a gardener is great for those who are happy mowing lawns, weeding and planting. Work tends to be self generated and mostly takes place between the months of March and October. Making it a great way for teens to make money in the summer.


  • Childcare - from £7 to 8 an hour

After school childcare is an option if your teen wants to work with kids. They will usually have to collect from school, help with homework and make snacks or dinner for children.


  • Activity instructor in kids camp - from £8 an hour

This work tends to be in school holidays only but it can be a great option  if your teen is  good with kids, patient and able to instruct primary-aged kids.


  • Kennel Assistant - £8 to 10 an hour

Duties include, cleaning kennels, feeding, dog walking, and enrichment activities with dogs.


  • Food delivery driver - between £2.90 and £6.00 per delivery

The main delivery companies will only employ over-18s, but teens can earn a good income, especially at weekends.


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How to get paid with GoHenry?


A part time job also means teens need a bank account where they can receive payment. A good option is the GoHenry teen debit card which comes with an account number and sort code, so a salary can be paid to your teen via a bank transfer or BACS.

Benefits include being able to set up saving pots and learning more about money skills via in-app Money Missions, as well as being able to make payments with Apple Pay and contactless debit cards.





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