10 ways for teens to make money this summer

10 ways for teens to make money this summer

The good news is there are plenty of ways teens can make money during the holidays. No matter what their skills or interests, they can use them to start generating their own money for the things they want and need.

Stuck for ideas on what your teen can do? Read on for ten ways for teens to make money this summer.


Top ways teens can make money this summer

  • Deliver food and groceries
  • Offer lawn care services
  • Become a lifeguard at a local pool
  • Start a dog walking business
  • Start a babysitting business
  • Work at a cinema
  • Become a dance teacher
  • Start a car wash business
  • Teach English as a foreign language
  • Work in a restaurant

1. Deliver food/groceries

Difficulty score: 6/10


If teens can cycle, or even drive, delivering food and groceries is a great option. They could work for local takeaways or grocery companies. Ask the local supermarket if they need any additional delivery staff for the summer. Alternatively, teenagers could go down a less official channel of shopping and delivering groceries to your neighbours for a small fee.

2. Offer lawn care services

Difficulty score: 5/10


Would your teen like the idea of earning money outdoors this summer? Lawn care services could give a decent income. It might be surprising how many people are happy to pay for someone to cut their grass. It is one of the most time-consuming jobs for adults, so they are often happy to pass it on to somebody else. If teens are skilled at gardening, they could also offer additional services such as weeding and looking after plants and flowers.

3. Become a lifeguard at the local pool

Difficulty score: 8/10


This idea does require more effort as it will involve training to become a lifeguard. However, once trained up, teens can earn more money than they would by offering lawn care services for example. Training to become a lifeguard with the local pool isn’t too extensive. Teens just have to be 16-years-old or above. The pool will typically provide them with the training they need onsite.


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4. Start a dog walking business

Difficulty: 4/10


Love animals and the outdoors? Dog walking is a great way to earn money during the summer. Teens could set up a dog walking business for those who don’t have the time or who may be struggling to give their dogs the exercise they need. Encourage your teen to reach out to your neighbours and advertise their services in local shops and on community groups online.


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5. Start a babysitting business

Difficulty: 6/10


If teens have younger siblings or enjoy interacting with small children, why not consider babysitting? There are plenty of parents who need help looking after their children during the summer. By offering their services, teens could earn a good amount of income and have fun while they do it.

6. Work at a cinema

Difficulty: 6/10


Cinemas tend to hire teenagers in the summer to help with increased demand. Teens could apply to work at your local cinema, doing things like selling tickets, snacks and assisting with enquiries. They will likely earn minimum wage, which is more than they potentially would doing odd jobs for neighbours.


7. Become a dance teacher

Difficulty: 8/10


Does your teen have a skill and passion for dancing? If so, why not pass it on by becoming a dance teacher. Obviously, they aren’t going to be able to become a licensed, professional teacher by the summer. However, teens can offer their skills on a private tuition basis. They could help out at a small dance group, for example, providing support during lessons with groups of local children.

8. Start a car wash business

Difficulty: 5/10


Offering to wash cars in the local area is a great way to earn money as a teen. Most households have a car and many would welcome the opportunity to save money while keeping it clean. Teens won’t need a lot to get started, and washing cars is also a great way to keep cool during those hot summer days.

9. Teach English as a foreign language

Difficulty: 9/10


If your teen wants to help others while earning money this summer, consider teaching English. If your teen has a good grasp of the English language, teaching foreign students is a great idea. They might have trouble finding opportunities, so look online to see if they can teach students virtually.

10. Work in a restaurant

Difficulty: 5/10


Working in a restaurant is a great way for teens to earn money and boost their people skills. Many local restaurants hire teenagers during the summer to help at busy times. Tasks include serving customers and working on the till, and teens will also have the potential to earn tips each day.


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These are just ten ways for teens to make money in summer. Teens don’t just have to stick to one idea. Why not try out different methods to see which one they prefer? After all, there are also ways teens can make money online.

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