The GoHenry community has raised £51,500 for War Child!

The GoHenry community has raised £51,500 for War Child!

Since we launched our partnership with War Child back in March 2022, the GoHenry community has been working hard to raise money for children and their families who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. 


As our fundraising campaign comes to an end, we’re proud to announce that we've donated £51,500 to War Child – with an average donation of £6.35 per child. In line with our commitment to match donations made with a GoHenry card up to a limit of £40,000, we're donating the full £40,000, taking the grand total to £51,500. All of your donations will go to War Child’s Emergency Fund, to support families in places like Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Yemen.

“War Child have been delighted to partner with GoHenry to support not only those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, but other war torn countries including Afghanistan and Yemen. We operate under the most volatile of circumstances, delivering urgent care, which we wouldn’t be able to do without the kind generosity from organisations and the public. Uniquely, the partnership with GoHenry enabled UK children to help other children who are caught up in terrifying conflicts. We would like to say thank you to all of you that supported us in this way. As a community, your collective donations will enable us to keep children safe and help them to recover from the trauma of conflict, whilst providing education and skills so that they can look towards a brighter future.”

Dean Anderson, Director of Fundraising and Communications, War Child UK.

Young fundraisers

We know that many children and teenagers have been worried or upset about the war in Ukraine, and it can be hard to know how to talk about the war and explain what’s happening to Ukrainian families. This is why it’s helpful to focus children’s attention on all the people who are working hard to help. Encouraging kids to take part in fundraising events or make small donations to charity is a powerful way to show their support – and, as our fundraising campaign proves, children’s contributions can have a huge impact.

“This commitment to charitable giving shows an increasing awareness of all the ways it’s possible to achieve GoHenry’s mission of being ‘smart with money.’ GoHenry kids understand how their money can make a difference to others, and they’re keen to take action and help those in need.”

Louise Hill, co-founder and COO at GoHenry

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made a donation to War Child. It’s heartwarming to see how children as young as six have come together to donate what they can to help children in crisis, and we’re proud to match your generous donations.
Written by Ceri Roberts Published Jul 7, 2022 ● 3 min read