How to set up parental controls on Disney+

How to set up parental controls on Disney+

While Disney+ might seem like an ideal streaming service for kids to watch, there may be some content on there that you might not want your children to access. For example, Disney+ has now added horror movies and programming suitable for different ages. Thankfully, there’s the ability to set up parental controls on this platform.


Remember that if you have Disney+ or other streaming services set up on your devices, you may need to set passwords for these, or your kids might start watching age-restricted content on your tablet or phone. Luckily there are many ways to get parental controls on your iPads or iPhones, Android tablets, phones, and PCs.


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What are the different parental controls on Disney+?

There are multiple ways to set parental controls on Disney+. The options include:

  • Content rating – to limit what age-rated content your children can watch
  • Children’s profiles – ensuring appropriate profiles for kids to use
  • Profile PIN – this locks adult profiles behind a PIN code
  • Profile creation restriction – stops children from making new, unrestricted profiles.

A step-by-step guide to set up parental controls with Disney+

Setting up parental controls for Disney+ is fairly simple. Here’s a guide on how to set each type of parental control.

Set parental controls for age ratings on Disney+

To set up age ratings or content ratings, you need to do the following:

  • Navigate to your profiles and select Edit Profiles.
  • Select the profile that you want to edit
  • Find the Parental Controls menu and select Content Rating
  • Enter your password
  • Choose the content ratings you want
  • Select Save.

This allows you to select which age ratings each account can have access to. This is very useful if you have children of different ages. You can allow your teenager to have access to 12+ rated content, while younger children may only have access to 3+ content.

Set up a profile PIN for your profile on Disney+

Setting a PIN means you can prevent children from accessing certain profiles. You can put PIN codes on all unrestricted accounts to block your children from watching content that you think is inappropriate for your children. To set up your PIN, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your profiles and select Edit Profiles
  • Select the profile that needs a PIN code
  • Find the Parental Controls and select Profile PIN
  • Enter your password
  • This will let you add a PIN, change your PIN, or remove the PIN entirely
  • Select Save.

Set up kids' profiles on Disney+

You can choose to set up a child’s profile on Disney+ by following these steps:

  • Select Add Profile
  • Select the character icon and enter the profile name
  • Select the option to toggle this to a child's profile
  • Select Save.

A child’s profile automatically only shows content that is suitable for kids, meaning you do not have to worry about content ratings. This is particularly useful for younger members of the household. You can also choose to enable the kid-proof exit feature. This means that your child can’t exit their profile and open a different profile where they could watch inappropriate content. This feature can be turned on in the Edit Profile menu.

Set up profile creation restrictions on Disney+

Profile creation restrictions means that you'll always have to enter your password when making a new profile. This means that your children cannot make a new profile to get around the age ratings on their own profiles. To set up profile creation restrictions, follow these steps:

  • Find your Disney+ account settings
  • Toggle Restrict Profile Creation to on.

What are the parental concerns with Disney+?

There’s a lot of classic Disney content on Disney+ that kids will love to watch. However, there’s some more mature content too, since Disney+ now includes the Star content hub and programming aimed at adults. This includes action films, murder mysteries, reality shows, and some horror films that are more suited to older viewers. 


It can be difficult to monitor what your children are watching. Parental controls can be useful when it comes to making sure children don’t watch anything that might confuse them or make them anxious. It’s also handy that you can stop your kids from making changes to other accounts and prevent them from creating new accounts on Disney+. 

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Written by GoHenry Published Apr 11, 2022 ● 5 min read