How to use your GoHenry card overseas this summer

How to use your GoHenry card overseas this summer

The summer holidays are here, and many kids have been saving hard all year so they can enjoy the summer break. If you're heading abroad, the good news is that GoHenry makes summer spending easy – so remind your kids to pack their cards.

Summer spending made easy

Whether your kids want to spend on a new holiday wardrobe, souvenirs, gifts for friends or beach activities, it's easy, free and safe to use their GoHenry card abroad. For your peace of mind, GoHenry blocks unsafe spending categories both at home and abroad – so your child can't use their card at retailers which have classified themselves as selling goods or services for adults, such as alcohol. 


Not only is the card set up to work automatically wherever VISA is accepted, but there is no need to let us know about your trip. It's one less thing to think about and means your kids retain their independence with their savings and spending while away. 

GoHenry is free to use abroad

Did you know that it's free to use your GoHenry card overseas? And when we say free, we mean no commission or ATM withdrawal fees (though some ATMs charge their own fee, so please keep an eye out for this). 


A top tip is to always pay in the local currency to get the best deal. Explain to your kids that in some restaurants and shops, they will ask you if you want to pay in pounds sterling or the local currency. Always choose the local currency, because this will then be converted into pounds at Visa Europe's rate. If you opt to pay in pounds you could end up paying up to 7% more in fees.


Whenever your child uses their GoHenry card, their spending will show on the GoHenry app in pound sterling, with the local currency and the exchange rate below this figure.

Consider using Apple Pay

Don’t forget, all teens over the age of 13 can use Apple Pay. This allows them to make fast, secure contactless payments without using their PIN. Once their GoHenry card has been added to Apple Pay, they can use it to pay with their device wherever they see the contactless or Apple Pay logo in the UK and abroad.

Summer money lessons

Using their GoHenry card abroad is an excellent way to teach your child some global financial lessons. Start by talking about different currencies and how exchange rates work. 


Depending on the country you’re in, spending is also a good way to show them that pricing doesn't always work the way it does in the UK. In the US, for example, the price you see isn't the final price you pay as sales tax is added at the checkout.


Encourage your child to check their GoHenry app to keep track of their spending and manage their money over the holiday period.  You can use your parent app to set spending limits for ATMs, along with transaction limits and weekly spending limits. This is useful as kids can easily get confused about what they’re spending and how much they have left when they’re using a different currency. 

Set up a holiday saving goal

If you still have a few weeks before heading off on holiday, remind your kids to set up summer saving goals. Our Youth Economy Report found that holidays were British children’s top saving goal during the lockdowns of 2020, when they saved an average of 12% of their overall income overall. This shows that given the right motivation, kids are more than happy to save money, knowing they can buy what they want when they are away.


If your kids need a little encouragement to save, talk about what they might like to spend their holiday money on, from souvenirs to gifts for friends – and even giant inflatables for the pool. Older teens may want new headphones, holiday clothes, or just their own holiday cash to be a little bit more independent when they're away.

Using your GoHenry card abroad


Accidents happen, so here’s what to do if your child’s card is lost or stolen, or a transaction is unexpectedly declined while you’re away.


1. What should I do if their GoHenry card is stolen or lost?

Please block the card immediately through the app or website. You can then order a replacement card for when you get home.


2. Can older teens buy whatever they want when they’re away?

The GoHenry card works the same way abroad as it does in the UK. It has unsafe spending blocks (restrictions which prevent young people from buying in places that also sell adult items), so if you receive an alert to say a transaction has not been allowed this could be because the retailer (such as a cafe or shop) has classified itself as selling goods or services for adults, including alcohol. 


3. What happens if my child’s GoHenry card is blocked because they entered the wrong PIN?

If your child enters the incorrect PIN three or more times, their card will be automatically blocked for security purposes. When this happens, please contact us via Live Chat and we’ll be happy to help. 


🏖 Happy holidays! 🏖
Written by Anita Naik Published Jul 11, 2022 ● 3 min read