Add your gohenry card to Apple Pay 💳

Add your gohenry card to Apple Pay 💳

All gohenry members aged 13+ can now add their gohenry card to Apple Pay, ready to make fast, secure contactless payments without using their PIN. Once their gohenry card has been added, they can use Apple Pay wherever they see the contactless or Apple Pay logo, whether that’s in shops, on public transport or online.

The safer way to pay 💳

At a time when we’re all more concerned about hand hygiene, Apple Pay gives teens the opportunity to make in-store payments without handing cash or touching a card terminal.


This is an important benefit, as research from our latest Youth Economy Report revealed that over half of British children and teenagers (51%) were more concerned about handling cash since the start of the pandemic.


Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about teens over-spending, as you can still set limits on their gohenry card – which is useful, given that the usual contactless limit (which is £100 per transaction, with a cumulative limit of £300) doesn’t apply when using Apple Pay. As long as the transaction amount is within the weekly limits set on their gohenry card, there’s no spending limit when Apple Pay is used in-store, in-app or online.


Despite this, it’s worth remembering that some shops apply their own Apple Pay limits, which could mean that teenagers have to use their card and PIN for transactions which are above the contactless limit – and some retailers may choose to keep this at £45.

How to get started 📲

It’s quick and easy for teens aged 13+ to set up Apple Pay in their gohenry app. Next time they log into their app they’ll be shown how to set up Apple Pay, so they simply need to follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, they can open Apple Wallet on their Apple device and tap the + sign. They can set up Apple Pay on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, but if they’re not sure if their device supports Apple Pay, they can check here.

Using Apple Pay 🧾

All gohenry members aged 13+ can use Apple Pay in any shops displaying the contactless or Apple Pay logo, and they can also pay online and in-app – just select Apple Pay at the checkout. This will also work overseas, anywhere that contactless payments are accepted.


Apple Pay is very safe to use as it generates a unique code to represent your child’s card, which it encrypts and stores securely on their device. This means that no one has access to their card details, even the shops or websites where they make a purchase. If they lose their phone, their gohenry details are securely stored, so you can use Find my iPhone to locate, lock or erase their device.


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Written by Ceri Roberts Published Aug 4, 2021 ● 2 min. read