How to get your kids to do chores

How to get your kids to do chores

Encouraging children to do household tasks is a parental choice that some feel works well for their families. Household chores are a great way to teach children of all ages about responsibility and teamwork. While they can learn valuable life skills. If you choose to pay them as a reward for their efforts, it can also form the beginning of their financial education. Setting kids up with a GoHenry prepaid debit card is a great way to show them how they can benefit from doing tasks and help them develop good money management skills that will be valuable in the future - plus GoHenry offer one of the best apps to enncourage kids to do chores.


If household chores are new to your children and they’re finding it hard to get into a routine, or they've lost momentum altogether, check out these top tips to help keep your children motivated to complete their tasks.

Use pocket money as leverage

If you give your kids pocket money, it's a good idea to tie it in with their chores. For instance, if they have a GoHenry prepaid debit card and complete all their tasks, they will get their card topped up, which they can use to treat themselves. Kids can learn that hard work and responsibility come with their own rewards.

Ask for help, don't command

It's always nice to be asked to do something rather than told to do it. Use language that you know your child will respond positively to. For instance, it might be saying, "Shall I help you get started?" or "Would it be a good idea for you to do that now, and then you can watch your TV show afterwards?". Most kids like to consider themselves mature young people and respond well to hearing that you need and value their help.

Temporarily remove all distractions

Some children can be easily distracted, which can stop them from doing their chores. If this seems to be the case, turn off or remove the distraction and talk to them about what it is you'd like them to do. Explain that when they finish with their chores, they can get back to what they were doing. Be sure to praise them when they start their tasks to show you appreciate their efforts.

Set a chore deadline

Setting deadlines for chores sets your expectations for when a task needs to be done, but it also gives your children a bit of responsibility to choose when they do it within that timeframe. Setting time limits is another useful way to get children to do their chores. It can also make it fun as they try to beat the timer.

Introduce a chore chart

Chore charts are useful visual reminders of the tasks your children need to complete. You can make it as simple or detailed as you want. Just make sure it's clear, and your kids understand what you would like them to do and when. Ask them to help you put it together so that they can feel a sense of ownership. If they need some extra encouragement, perhaps add a little incentive for each of the bigger tasks they complete.

Encourage your kids to do chores

Making housework tasks fun is a great way to encourage your children to do them. Put on some loud music and get your child to dance around while they mop the floor. You could also turn it into a fun competition between siblings - make sure you check our 12 chores games recommendations. Who can achieve the tidiest sock drawer or pick up the most Lego bricks in 30 seconds? Anything you can do to engage your children's interest in their tasks will encourage them to get to work.

Rewards for early completion of chores

Everyone likes praise and acknowledgement for a good job well done, especially if they've gone above and beyond what's asked of them. Pay attention to how your kids complete their jobs, rather than simply checking they’ve done them. Make an effort to notice if they finish a job sooner than asked or do something extra on top. Say or do something that shows them that you are paying attention and that you have seen and value the effort they've made.

Reward your kids with pocket money for chores through GoHenry

Giving your kids pocket money as a reward for doing their tasks is a great way to keep them motivated. But rather than just handing over cash now and again, a pocket money app like GoHenry helps your kids learn to earn, save and spend their money wisely. To apply for a GoHenry prepaid debit card for your kids just download the app or visit the website and click on the ‘Join for free’ button. You don't need to give your payment details — just complete the form, and within a few days, your kids will receive their very own GoHenry prepaid debit card.


You can then activate your account and the card with a £5 minimum deposit. You can set tasks and spending limits to help your kids learn how to manage their money and spend responsibly. You can set up regular transfers or make one-off payments. They can use their GoHenry prepaid debit card to buy items in shops, online or to take out money from an ATM.
Written by GoHenry Published Jan 20, 2022 ● 6 min read