Business books for kids & teens to learn about entrepreneurship

Business books for kids & teens to learn about entrepreneurship

If you have a young entrepreneur on your hands looking for new ways to make money as a kid, you’re not alone. Our research shows that UK kids and teens have a strong entrepreneurial attitude, which means 26% plan to be their own boss in the future – and one in five (21%) say that this is a priority for their future career. With that in mind, here’s our selection of the best business books for kids and teens.


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The benefits of business books for kids and teens

Whether your child wants to launch their own business, or is simply interested in what it means to be an entrepreneur , business books can help. Here are just some of the many ways they can benefit your child.

  1. Inspire ideas

Business books can help kids to think creatively about business and come up with their own business ideas. They can also teach kids about the different aspects of running a business, such as marketing, finance, and customer service.

  1. Teach financial literacy

Business books can help kids to understand the basics of money, such as how to save, invest, and budget. This is an essential skill for kids to learn, as it will help them to make sound financial decisions in the future.

  1. Help kids develop entrepreneurial skills

Business books can help kids to develop the skills they need to be successful entrepreneurs, such as problem-solving, creativity, and risk-taking. These skills can be applied to any area of life, not just business.

  1. Motivate kids to achieve their goals

Business books can motivate kids to achieve their goals by showing them that anything is possible if they work hard and stay focused. They can also teach kids about the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges.

  1. Encourage kids to become  leaders

Business books can encourage kids to be leaders by showing them how to take charge, make decisions, and motivate others. These are important skills for kids to learn, as they will help them to be successful in school, work, and life.

  1. Help kids develop a growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed through hard work and effort. Business books can help kids develop this mindset by showing them examples of people who have achieved success through hard work and determination.

  1. Teach kids about the importance of failure and resilience

Failure is a natural part of the learning process, but it can be difficult for kids to understand this. Business books can help kids understand the importance of failure by showing them how successful entrepreneurs have learned from their failures.

  1. Help kids develop empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Business books can help kids develop empathy by showing them how businesses can impact the lives of others, both positively and negatively.




Best business books for kids and teens: our picks

When picking these books we looked at several factors such as the author’s expertise, book awards, reader reviews and usefulness. 


Ethan's BIG Business Plan

by Yu-Ting Hung (Author), Ethan Hsu (Author)

Age - 6+


This is a good book for helping to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in younger children. Ethan wants to buy a new toy. When his mum says "No!" he decides to start his own business to make money. Younger kids will learn how to create a product or service, develop a brand and manage their money. 


Think Like a Boss: Kids Edition: 47 Money Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs, Earn Key Skills for Future Job Success in the Workplace or in Business

by Miss Jemma Roedel (Author)

Age 8+


Here are 47+ ways to inspire your child to start a business and make some extra cash at a very young age. Try it to help your child understand more about money management and how to have some funds while they do it.


Starting Your Own Business: Become an Entrepreneur!

by Adam Toren (Author), Matthew Toren (Author)

Age 10+


Do you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands who's anxious to bring the next great business idea to life? Written with young learners in mind, this book walks your child through the steps that turn a bright idea into a profitable business.


An extension of the trusted For Dummies brand, Starting Your Own Business speaks to kids in a language they can understand, offering guidance and actionable plans to turn their business idea into reality. From setting goals to putting together a plan that encourages others to help them get their idea off the ground, it offers everything kids need to get their business started and make it grow.


Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs: 25 Tales of Women Building Businesses

by Rebel Girls (Author), Sandra Oh Lin (Foreword), Jocelyn Mangan (Afterword)

Age 10+ 


A brilliant book that showcases influential CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, and investors who have used their creativity to develop clever ideas, launch new products, build businesses, disrupt industries, and invest in the future. Learn how Aileen Lee went from selling tie-dye T-shirts at school to becoming an angel investor. Discover the magic of molecules with Nobel Prize-winning scientist and entrepreneur Jennifer Doudna—an inspiring book from the authors of the award-winning Rebel Girls series.


Business for Beginners

by Lara Bryan (Author), Rose Hall (Author), Kellan Stover (Illustrator)

Age 11+


A lively introduction, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a more intelligent consumer. With bright infographic pictures, it describes how to start your own business, manage your money and beat the competition and explains global supply chains and interest rates.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers

by Sean Covey (Author)

Age 11+


The teen version of the award-winning adult book may not be a classic business book, but it's hugely positive and empowering for teens. Not only does it talk about all the personal skills needed to succeed in life, but it has practical advice, cartoons to capture your child's attention, spaces to write, reflections and stories.


Be A Young Entrepreneur

by Adam Sutherland (Author), Mike Gordon (Illustrator)

Age 11+


This book is an excellent introduction to what it takes to become a young entrepreneur. It covers why one should become an entrepreneur, gives examples of business areas that might be good for kids and then tells about what you need to do to make it happen. Your child will learn all the business advice, practical tips, real-life stories, up-to-date ideas and inspiration they need to make a success of their first business. 


Teen Entreprenaire: Be Part of the New Rich and Become a Teen Million/Billionaire Entrepreneur 

by Mike Hogan (Author)

Age 12+


More teens than ever before are considering starting their own business; with this easy-to-follow book, discover a step-by-step guide to starting your own business – from legal and licensing requirements to launching and growing your business. It's an excellent read for brainstorming profitable business ideas for teens.



First to a Million: A Teenager's Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence

by Dan Sheeks (Author)

Age 13+


First to a Million explores the many advantages of financial independenceI while explaining the secrets of investing, living frugally, and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset. Treating your finances differently than the average teenager will put you miles ahead of your peers, and with time (and compounding) on your side, you can win the game before it even starts! Author Dan Sheeks is the owner and founder of SheeksFreaks LLC, an online community dedicated to helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions. 


How To Start A Business As A Teen: A Beginners Step-By-Step Guide For Starting Your Own Business As A Teenager

by Ethan Johnson (Author)

Age 13+


This book provides a teen with a simple guide to starting up a successful teen business. Aside from business ideas suitable for teens and students, it shows you how to get your business off the ground. From exploring the types of business you can start to the legalities of setting up your business and the realities of your day-to-day operations, this book is a must-have for any teen who wants to run and own their own business.



Business Zero to Superheroes| How to grow your business with zero cash

by G Jules (Author)

Age 13+


Business Zero to Superheroes is a refreshingly honest and practical business start-up book that deals with business failure as well as business success. It's visually entertaining and set up as a comic strip; this book has everything young entrepreneurs need to read.


The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life

by Steven Bartlett (Author)

Age 14+


A must-read from entrepreneur, podcaster and Dragon's Den star Steve Bartlett. It's a must-read for any teen with an entrepreneurial spirit, as it will help anyone starting out. Its strength lies in the fact it's a strategy book for anyone looking to build a successful business.


ShoeDog : A memoir by the creator of Nike

by Phil Knight (Author)

Age 14+


There's nothing like a business memoir to inspire and drive young entrepreneurs. Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company's early days as a start-up and its evolution into one of the world's most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.


We Can All Make It

by Sara Davies (Author)

Age 14+


By the time Sara Davies left university, she was running a business with a half-million-pound turnover from her student bedroom. When Sara became the youngest of BBC 1's iconic Dragons, that turnover was £25 million. Today, she is one of Britain's most prominent business names. In this memoir, she shares what it took to get there, which means this focuses on following your passions and the more practical side of running your own business.


Big Ideas for Small Businesses

by John Lamerton (Author)

Age 14+


If your child wants to grow your small business without having to learn complex strategies, then "Big Ideas... for Small Businesses" could be the ‘lightbulb moment’ your teen has been waiting for. Learn how almost anyone could become a millionaire in their lifetime, and why every Luke Skywalker needs a Yoda. Author John Lamerton is the co-host of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast and a regular on BBC Radio. 


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