Where can you use your Gohenry card?

Where can you use your Gohenry card?

Whether your kids start using GoHenry at age six or 16, it pays to know where and how they can use their GoHenry kids' debit card.


Can you use your GoHenry card for travel?

Your children can use their GoHenry card to pay for bus, tram and train travel. Just ensure they have enough money on their cards before they set off and haven't exceeded their weekly limit. However, teens cannot use GoHenry for Uber services as the age limit is 18.

Can you use your GoHenry card online?

As long as your child is within their weekly spending limits, they can use their card online for gaming and several other sites. If they want to buy through large e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and PayPal, kids ​​can only use these sites with the involvement of a parent. Their GoHenry card can, however, be added to your account on these sites, and they can buy products this way.


If you don't want your child to use their card online, disable this function on the GoHenry app. Also, let kids and teens know that the GoHenry card cannot be used on adult-related online sites due to our strict merchant block.

Can you use GoHenry for delivery services?

Your teens must be 18 to have their own account on a delivery service like Deliveroo and Just Eat. So they won't be able to use their GoHenry card to set up an account. However, they can use your food delivery account and then pay you or a friend or family back via the GoHenry app. Our payment feature is free and straightforward to use. Your child can send and receive money up to a limit of £250 per month. They won't be charged any fees, and they can personalise their payment request with a fun, custom GIF.


Can you use your GoHenry card at the shops?

GoHenry cards can be used contactlessly for purchases of £100 and under in most shops (see strict merchant block below). The first transaction must be made using the Chip & PIN function (PIN is on the app). After this, the card can be used contactlessly wherever a contactless card reader exists.

Can you use GoHenry at an ATM?

Your child can use GoHenry at an ATM, and they have a daily limit of £120 (you can set this to less on the app) and a daily maximum of three ATM withdrawals a day. Their weekly spending limit will also affect how much money your kids can take out, so it's also important for kids to know their limits

Can you use GoHenry with ApplePay and Google Pay?

Your child can use ApplePay with GoHenry if they are aged 13 and over. If they want to  add a GoHenry card to ApplePay, your child can set this up via their ApplePay wallet on their phone or the GoHenry app. Unfortunately, your child won't be able to use Google Pay with GoHenry.

Can you use GoHenry abroad?

It's free for your child to use your GoHenry card abroad. There are no commission or ATM withdrawal fees (though some ATMs charge their own fee). Make sure your kids also know to opt to pay in local currency to get the best deal, as this will then be converted into pounds at Visa Europe's rate. If they opt to pay in pounds abroad, they could pay up to 7% more in fees.

Where can't you use GoHenry

GoHenry has a strict merchant block that you can enable or switch off. The block restricts your child from buying in convenience stores and restaurants where they sell age-prohibited items like alcohol. Enabling this block means your child cannot use GoHenry in these places for any purchase, even ice cream. Gambling, tobacco and other adult-only merchants and online sites are also blocked.

Join the thousands of families already using GoHenry

GoHenry is the perfect tool for parents who want to teach their children about financial responsibility and provide them with a safe way to manage their money. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it's designed with safety and security in mind. The app uses encryption and two-factor authentication to protect user data, and parents can set limits to prevent overspending or fraudulent activity. Plus, the app comes with Money Missions, our go-to place for your child to expand their financial know-how with bite-sized quizzes and videos.


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Written by Anita Naik Published May 23, 2023 ● 3 min. read